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Recent content by Dan(NM)

  1. Dan(NM)

    2 ringy dingy day

    Thank you, your tearing it up as usual.
  2. Dan(NM)

    Incredible weekend with lots of silver and gold!

    Incredible hunt Mark, that's a nice variety of quality finds, congrats!!
  3. Dan(NM)

    2 ringy dingy day

    Thanks Tony, I'm not sure if it'll out perform the Minelab 12x15, but, seeing that monster on the end of the shaft sure does boost ones confidence level lol..
  4. Dan(NM)

    I'm loosing my enthusiasm for the CTX

    I dug far less junk with the Explorer, Etrac and CTX than I do with the Nox. Of course, I always used an aggressive cherry picking program, going after high conductors only. I've seen how IDX has his machine set-up, looked identical to how I ran mine in combines tones using the bins to set my...
  5. Dan(NM)

    2 ringy dingy day

    at rings to find!! Did the Burger King lose his pinky ring??? 😂 I can't imagine anybody wearing a ring shaped like that LOL
  6. Dan(NM)

    2 ringy dingy day

    2-3" maybe....looked like recent drops.
  7. Dan(NM)

    2 ringy dingy day

    Had a successful early morning hunt at a local park in a town that I work in. Found the usual clad that one would expect to find. What was unexpected was finding two James Avery rings within 15 minutes of each other, 30 minutes after starting. After that 1 little wheat to end the day. I was...
  8. Dan(NM)

    Explorer 2 repair parts

    I have an EX 2 that I'm trying to revive and need a source for the correct size header pin block. Does anyone know where I can get the correct size and shape of the 10 pin header. I tried calling the Minelab repair center but the tech couldn't help me out, thanks.
  9. Dan(NM)

    Find of a life time

    Never heard of a V-button..Dug a few D-R-I-A buttons when I was in NM. That's a great recovery, congrats!!
  10. Dan(NM)

    15" Coiltek coil first hunt.

    Thank you.....Today was primarily to test the 15" coil's sensitivity to small, low conductive targets. In my mind, it passed the test compared to the 11" given it's size. Tomorrow will be the depth test on coins.
  11. Dan(NM)

    Waterproof headphones

    When I was water hunting, the Patriot phones were the best fitting and had the best volume. I had used the Pelso's, Tony Eisenhower before getting the Patriots.
  12. Dan(NM)

    15" Coiltek coil first hunt.

    I took the 15" Coilek out for the first time this morning to the spot at the lake I've been hunting for the last 14 months. I will say, I was a little concerned because of the first couple of reviews about the coil. I had to remind myself that soil conditions, settings, modes and time on the...
  13. Dan(NM)

    15" coiltek on it's all way.

    It's here...
  14. Dan(NM)

    15" coiltek on it's all way.

    Will do when I go deep coin hunting, I'll have the 15" mounted on it's own rod and will test them both on, in the ground, undisturbed targets.
  15. Dan(NM)

    The lake wasn't in the giving mood today.....

    Except for tabs and lead :) I started out hunting for gold, but, after 3 hours of digging nothing crap, gave up and started cherry picking. After hour 6 of some clad and more trash, the silver ring finally made it's way into my pouch. I worked my way around to a spot where some nice silver...