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Recent content by Dancer

  1. Dancer

    Vista Smart Plus or Vista X

    I dunno what this is all about. I have one of the first Vista X units sold in America. I took a chance mainly I enjoyed hunting with the Tesoro's no screens. Well after many hours on dry beach sand, and hunting sports fields I haven't had not one problem. I found that the...
  2. Dancer

    You know the majority of Democrats are law abiding, hard working people. But they cheer on this lawlessness and hatedrid,

    They watch the burning and looting and secertly , say "Yeah give it to the man" Many living in areas that arn't affected by this carnage. I got to warn you, when your heros come to your street your gonna piss yourself. Deep down you know a Mob unleashed is like a fire . It consumes...
  3. Dancer

    120,000 DEAD Americans, over 20 states reporting RECORD INFECTIONS. What is T-rump gonna do?

    So some life long Liberals who have had a good life mixing in with most everyone else are now finding their Not "Progressive Enough" Biden for one is now being accused as such. Does he really think he would fit into "The Zone" in Seattle? In Pennsylvania, the Mayor of Pittsburgh. ( Long...
  4. Dancer

    Vista X and Desi Dunne

    Desi Dunne, I read on "The Views Forum" Has passed. The above , shows what the man has done for the sport. His video on the X gave me a couple tips I wouldn't have thought of. Farewell
  5. Dancer

    Desmond Dunne has passed away I've just learned. Great guy and always fun to converse with...

    Des Dunne, not long ago made a video of the Vista X. I picked up a couple of tips , I wouldn't have thought of. Watching the video, you could tell he was a good guy. Farewell Des
  6. Dancer

    CNN Poll has Trump down 14% to Biden. Do you believe it?

    Funny, over 800,000 have requested tickets for Trumps Tulsa rally. Received over $14 million donations on his birthday. Doesn't seem to be a lack of interest for our Pres. All these people whose property got destroyed during the protests, think some of them just might vote for Trump ...
  7. Dancer

    Does Biden even want to be president? Maybe not.

    I think it's beginning to dawn on him. Like buying a book you believe someone wrote. But actually it's written by a Ghost writer.
  8. Dancer

    10 favorite guitarists

    Bo Diddley had a sound all of his own. He used to say "I don't sound like no one" Check out Bo Diddley along with Ron Woods of the stones Playing "Cracking up" It's pretty awesome.
  9. Dancer

    Is This the Tipping of the First Domino?

    I just heard "Rosy" threw McCabe under the bus. Gotta check this out.
  10. Dancer

    Pennsylvania's Primery

    The minute Biden picks a Vice Pres. The clock starts ticking on Ole Joe. When the Big Shots figure they have a better chance with the Vice, Joe could be taking a hike. Joe ain't gonna be picking anyone anyway. The Shots are gonna handle this. But if I was Joe, I'd put it off as...
  11. Dancer

    Pennsylvania's Primery

    Well that might be so. But Bernie pulled a big percentage of the vote. Trump ran almost unaposed. The big difference is the "Enthusiastic recation to the candiate vote" This after 4 years of throwing all the lies, that all the main stream channels can think of. And it...
  12. Dancer

    Pennsylvania's Primery

    Trump has near 800,000 votes 2 other Reps on the ballot Biden little over 500,000 , Sanders over 100,000 , Tulsi 32,000 Overall Reps fielded 50,000 more Primery votes. In Pennsylvania unheard of. Trump won...
  13. Dancer

    Remember ways back that instead of buckshot Salt , Pepper and I think Rice was used

    Yeah I think your right about that Hawgdawg