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Recent content by Dancer

  1. Dancer

    AT PRO wanted a turn

    Hey Larbear, on the Pro what is your go to hunting mode? I have hunted Pro Zero , Disc between 35 - 40. Almost forever.
  2. Dancer

    People Planting Finds

    The videos posted on Utube on explaining how a detector works, it's features are very informative. But the videos which show someone or a couple that continually go out week after week and find rare silver, well, I leave it to you to believe or not. Some of the most entertaining films I've...
  3. Dancer

    Stacked !

    Fresh coin spills sadly are becoming a thing of the past.
  4. Dancer

    Stacked !

    Love it when ya dig one of these. Early in the hunt, couple trash targets, than a nice steady hit a little too high for a quarter. Dug the plug, only about 3-4 inches deep. Sandwiched like a deck of cards. Four quarters, 3 dimes. Clad. Been over that area many times before. Wonder I...
  5. Dancer

    My Eyeballed finds should be improving

    Only been a couple days and it's been a dramatic improvement so far. I'll see.
  6. Dancer

    My Eyeballed finds should be improving

    Their taking my Left Kat er Rack this morning. They say more than anything, vision should brighten up some. Going to try to fix up my ability to read some coin dates in the field. Anyway We'll See. Quiet a few times in the past I couldn't honestly say if I spotted a target or...
  7. Dancer

    Things that have changed affecting the sport

    Heres a few things I remember from growing up around my Dad & Uncles. When a guy emptied out his pockets, most likely you would find. Some coins, a pen knive , keys, wallet and most likely a lighter. (not a bic ) Coins are about gone now. It's swipe the card, keep the change...
  8. Dancer


    Thats all I need, being wrote up in the Crime Report of our local paper for robbing graves. And thats how it would be painted. Oh, it would be interesting hunting, butttttt the fall out would far out weigh the finds.
  9. Dancer

    tarsacci dont have wifi phones ,is this right ?

    I see where some are using the Garrett Z Link with the Tarsacci.
  10. Dancer

    Just hunted two Nightmare sites

    Thats a good question. My local banks are asking for people to bring in their coins in too. And also I had a fairly good take last year. But , mostly with Clad that has been lost for some time. Very few recent drops. Much like Silver once their gone not many coming back.
  11. Dancer

    Just hunted two Nightmare sites

    They didn't open the food stands ,in my area. So no change.
  12. Dancer

    Just hunted two Nightmare sites

    Last week a park, yesterday a large sports area. Baseball ,basketball and 2 soccer fields. Both sites have a lot in common. Coins are scant. Pulltabs and can slaw everystep. Most places I've hunted there's usually a lot of coins mixed in with the trash. But Not these 2 places. And...
  13. Dancer

    Beep & Dig Vista X. Scoring on a couple Silver pieces

    Park hunting and not losing anything with the 8 inch coil. The Pendant and the Bracelet were dug in different trashy fields. The X has 2 discrimination knobs that enables the hunter to pick their posion. Being a park hunter, I try to set around the Nickel. Which once in a while results in...
  14. Dancer

    Tot Lot find with my Compadre

    Yep, your little friend can still Hammer em down. Bet that felt good.
  15. Dancer

    A signal not often come across

    Picket, yes I tried it from a different angle (Not sure it was 90 deg) I would say the signal was enough to get me interested, but it was different. When in doubt Dig, is how it goes.