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Recent content by Desi Dunne

  1. Desi Dunne

    New Vista X coil

    Good guy that Richard... You'll love that 'smaller''s what "Vista X" really needs and could stay on your detector full time...?
  2. Desi Dunne

    Torn on my next machine...Anfibio? ORX?

    HOLD your horses and wait for the Garrett APEX...see what's that's all about...
  3. Desi Dunne

    Sovereign coils

    "You're welcome! Twas a huge pleasure to hook up!"
  4. Desi Dunne

    Sovereign coils

    Yes, got those thanks. I replied with Photos. NB: it's a BBS 800 coil- not a Tornado The 'Tornado' was a thinner 10" coil. (I came up with the name for it!)
  5. Desi Dunne

    You Could Win A Brand New Garrett Apex Metal Detector!

    My 'second' detector was a 1979 purchased "Groundhog" Money Hunter TR/VLF Built like a tank and took 4 battery. But, I never understood the 'Ground Balance' effect feature on it as my ground was very benign compared to 'Texas dirt!' Years later, I re-purchased another one from a nice lady in...
  6. Desi Dunne

    X terra 70 observation

    It's your imagination. The 70 was / is a very stable platform.
  7. Desi Dunne

    has anyone heard any exciting news from xp?

    :pinnochio:...hah hah hah...
  8. Desi Dunne

    has anyone heard any exciting news from xp?

    'Dunn'... Oh yeah... I bought a few Maglites from "Dunn's Outfitter's Tennessee" You down South?
  9. Desi Dunne

    has anyone heard any exciting news from xp?

    ...rumors always abound about the "XP" far back as 6 / 7 yrs ago there was talk of a 'color' screen coming on something "New?" but they are still 'flogging' the "Deus" platform as it's been shown to be a Winning formula (they even have a dedicated gold...
  10. Desi Dunne

    Does anyone still repair Sovereigns?

    There's a very good guy who has been repairing 'Minelab' for 14yrs or so in the UK: Steve Cox.
  11. Desi Dunne

    Has anyone bought the xp deus back pack and find pouch

    "What kind of a digger?"
  12. Desi Dunne

    Sovereign coils

    "I've a few New older black heavier waterproof epoxy BBS 800's style with coil covers. And a 10" Tornado w/coil cover New. PM if you'd like to know more.
  13. Desi Dunne

    Has anyone bought the xp deus back pack and find pouch

    Yes, it's heavy. But the build quality and materials offset the cost and the bag should last for years! The one thing I "don't like" is the front located Headphone pocket. On the inside of the bag right where the headphones stow pocket is, there's some 'Velcro' that "sticks" that area together...
  14. Desi Dunne

    Lifespan of the Minelab Explorer XS?

    Yeah...those button membranes weren't the best when it came to 'moisture ingress' UNDERneath the sides edges and around the bottom etc. Many failed and are still doing so. Probably the No.1 fault in why so many "EXplorer's' are now defunct? You can Order them Online if you do a search...