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Recent content by Dig-a-holic

  1. D

    Deepest mode Minelab Vanquish.

    I had a Vanquish 340 and I dug more deep rusty nails with it than any machine I've had. I sold it.
  2. D

    Where Are The New Fisher Models ?

    Russ was on a live chat last year and mentioned they were working on 2 machines. A waterproof 14khz machine and a Multi one. He also said he had using the prototype 14khz.
  3. D

    Omega 8500

    The 8500 would hit harder on silver than gold. If you are looking gold a G2+ or F19, or goldbug would be better.
  4. D

    Need Help..

    Go to Youtube and google Teknetics Omega 8500. Plenty of vids about it.
  5. D

    Where Are The New Fisher Models ?

    Seems Russ only promotes the Bounty Hunter brands on his Youtube channel. Would not surprise me if they move everything to that one brand.
  6. D

    Equinox 600

    I had a Nox 600 and just didn't like it or the feel of it. I did find 2 gold rings with it though, but not much in the relic dept. I like my At Pro and G2+ better. I can tell by the tones when something is deep. The Nox's tones always sounded loud, shallow or deep. I rarely beach hunt so I don't...
  7. D

    Where Are The New Fisher Models ?

    I heard Russ mention last year that he had been trying out a waterproof 14khz machine. He also said they were working on a multi. Said he expected a Summer release which has gone bye. The dealers have hardly any inventory. Kellyco only has one Teknetics model for sale. It looks like they are...
  8. D

    Pawnshop find today

    I had a mint one of those last year. Found gold & silver pendants with it one day in the tot lot.
  9. D

    Where Are The New Fisher Models ?

    I see Kellyco has only 1 Teknetics metal detector model left in stock. Fisher models are getting slim also. First Texas must be done.
  10. D

    Changing Horses - need opinion

    They say lot's of people will be selling their Nox's to get the new one. Everytime I have upgraded I find no more than I did with the previous machine... :ROFLMAO:
  11. D

    TNsharpshooter on Youtube anyone watch his Comparisons especially on the Nokta Makro Legend?

    Calabash along with a host of others think every old silver coin is laying 2" from a nail....:ROFLMAO: I mean I get tired of listening to his same ol' crap over and over. He is just baiting for Youtube watch time.
  12. D

    Where Are The New Fisher Models ?

    I'm waiting for them to rename the F75 as a new Bounty Hunter machine, such as they did with the F19...:ROFLMAO:
  13. D

    New F-75 Question

    Just wondering what are the other 3 machines?