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Recent content by Dig5050

  1. D

    Found my oldest Indian today..

    Nice IHP find. Something that old makes for a great day hunting!
  2. D

    Thoughts on Garrett Apex

    I have always liked Garrett Products since the 90's. Even when I felt that sometimes they were lagging in the industry. Their build quality has always been top-notch (except for the noodly handles of the early GTA1000). I owned enough of them over the years. After some research, I bought the...
  3. D

    Heads up on the new F75 detectors that I thought I'd share!

    Maybe this or similar: Make sure it fits the shaft diameter. Shouldn’t affect your warranty. Keep the old cuff should you need to return the detector for service.
  4. D

    Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk Thoughts

    I have an older black Garrett Pro-Pointer and am considering getting the Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk to use with my Z-Lynk headphones. It still works weel, but I have a hard time hearing the black Pro-Pointer in noisy or windy areas, without temporarily taking one ear cup off my ear. Besides the...
  5. D

    Extra coils for APEX

    Thanks, Monte. I suspected that working it with the Ripper or similar, then something else, but thought it would be worth asking. I don't have any extra coils for the Apex, and the all of the finds are being given back to the owner, so best coil size selection is important from a monetary...
  6. D

    Extra coils for APEX

    Monte, since you have those coils on the Apex, I have a question that could use your expertise with the Apex and the various coils. I have a late 1800's spot that I spent a lot of time with the Apex equipped with the Viper coil I have dug a lot of targets from this site. I've dug a couple of...
  7. D

    Extra coils for APEX

    I'd like to see someone air/field/test-garden test Garrett's Raider and Ripper coils to see what kind of improvements there are to determine if it's worth dropping the $ to pick up either one. Ohio has a lot of minerals and iron in the sites where I hunt, and either or both of these coils...
  8. D

    Simplex or Apex?

    Hi All. I'll admit I bought the Apex because it had a lot of what I was looking for in a detector, and was a step into the world of SMF for Garrett. The detector is supposed to be field upgradable via usb, like the Simplex, 'Nox, and others. I'm hoping that Garrett comes thru with near future...
  9. D

    Simplex or Apex?

    I have an Apex and I like it. I enjoy it's light weight, and the versatility of beach use or land use, even though I live in Ohio, as well. I especially like the wireless headphones. Once you learn the Apex's sounds, you'll find good targets like any other machine out there. Want more...
  10. D

    GTI 2500

    I had a GTI-2500 with the original white coil. Never liked it when it was new, back in 2003; too much false triggering. So it sat in the corner of the basement collecting dust. About 18 months ago, I took it out, put in new batteries. Of course, I'm 16 years older, and to me it just seemed...
  11. D

    Trouble with my apex

    I would unscrew the knurled nut that connects the coil cable to the detector housing. Measure the length of the threaded portion of the connector that gets exposed. It should measure almost 1/4" long, with the ruler end up against the nut that remains. If it's less than 3/16", the knurled nut...