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Recent content by gim

  1. G

    Upper and Lower Shaft

    I just bought a upper and lower shat from stave it is a excellent product works great also with counterbalance it really balances it out. Working with Steve was the best experience I have had buying anything for metal detecting in my 35 years of detecting.
  2. G

    blm land

    Search Results Featured snippet from the web Historic sites such as cabins, sawmills, graves, trail traces, mining areas, townsites, ranches and railroads are not open to collecting. Metal detector use is allowed on public lands. Modern money may be collected, but coins and artifacts more than...
  3. G

    blm land

    Tom Why isn't this the place to ask this is about metal detecting Isn't it.
  4. G

    Rapped Beep

    Thanks for all the help.
  5. G

    Rapped Beep

    Have done that plus factory rest
  6. G

    Rapped Beep

    I just received my new Equinox 800 went out detecting on every target I would get 3 rapped distinct beeps on every target. Came home did some air test all targets 3 beeps ( BEEP BEEP BEEP) on multiple targets set 10" apart would get rapped beeps 3 beeps on each one example 3 coins 9 rapped beeps...
  7. G

    Best Coil

    I just got my AT Pro this week and was wondering Which Coil is best for water hunting salt water, Lake and rivers. Which coil the stock coil or the 5x8 coil? Please give a reason why. Thanks for your help.:shrug: LOST
  8. G

    At Pro Pacific Northwest

    I am buying a AT Pro ( on its way ) I Would like to know have used it in the Pacific Northwest ( Oregon,Washington and British Columbia and Puget Sound Area) 1. How did it perform? 2. What setting was best for you? . 3. Problems you had with it if any? 4. when water detecting Salt and Fresh...
  9. G


    I would like to know which setting does the Racer retain after you turn it off if any.????
  10. G

    Sovereig gt classroom

    :twodetecting: Does anyone know why there is not a Minelab Sovereign classroom?????
  11. G


    I would like some help I have been looking at buying this DVD (Metal Detecting Florida Beaches with Bill Myers DVD) can
  12. G

    180 ID Meter

    I have a Sovereign GT and just got a .180 ID Meter. NO instructions came with it it new and I need some help please. 1. Best way to install it on the shaft and where. (2 what is the best way to calibrate and how set it up the meter.Is there a manual for it????
  13. G

    ???? meter

    I am thinking of getting a meter for my new gt and I know there has been post on this before but would like a new updates on my Questions. Also my hearing is not so good have to ware hearing adds booth ears. I would like to know what you actual users and experience that you all have used them...
  14. G

    Need help on new Coil

    I am wanting to get a small coil for my Sovereign GT found this one (5" DD EXcelerator Search Coil for Minelab (Sovereign Series)) at Kellyco. Has anyone used this coil or can give me a review on it or know of a good small coil where to buy one. Would like your expert or opinion. I like the...