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Recent content by Gord (Tecumseh)

  1. G

    New multi frequency machine

    Sven, I may be mistaken but I thought you dropped affiliation with N-M.
  2. G

    New multi frequency machine

    wildwilly - In her latest interview, Dilek said she thought the new machine would be very close to the Simplex in weight, which according to most reviews weighs in at 2.9 lbs. Same basics as the Simplex but with a carbon fibre lower rod which is lighter than the standard rod and is supposed to...
  3. G

    New multi frequency machine

    I may need to correct the info about the wireless headphones I believe that wireless phones from other N-M machines won't work with the bluetooth system on the new machine.
  4. G

    New multi frequency machine

    According to Dilek, when the machine is introduced, there will be the main coil (?) and a second coil, a 6 inch coil. Then she fudged on that by saying maybe the 6 inch coil might not be ready at intro time, but it is coming. It will have a backlight, will be updateable using both Windows and...
  5. G

    New multi frequency machine

    Monte, I don't disagree with what you are saying. All I was trying to do was provide information which may "or may not" answer some of the questions about intro of the new machine for those that asked and are interested. I am not affiliated with N-M nor do I have one of their machines. Like...
  6. G

    New multi frequency machine

    According to a NJ blog site, Dilek from Nokta Makro is supposed to be on their show in a couple of weeks and should make a more definitive announcement at that time. Hoping it happens.
  7. G

    Sealing the Equinox 800

    I have gone to Hawaii many times over the last 20 years and only a few times have I taken a land only machine. 1280x and Infinium have been my main detectors and have proven their worth. I have been looking at the Nox 800 but won't pull the trigger until the problem is fixed. Right now, I am...
  8. G

    New multi frequency machine

    The N-M multi frequency machine is already 2 years late. If it comes out in September, it is too late for folks closer to the northern border to use during the fall and winter season. Then again, I don't want it if it isn't 100% ready to use. And I wouldn't want one to take to a Caribbean...
  9. G

    Detector questions

    If you use the detector for long periods of time swinging it back and forth, you can put a lot of strain on your forearm. That strain is compounded when you don't use the strap which keeps the detector tighter on your arm. If you are familiar with tennis elbow, this unsupported movement might...
  10. G

    GPS question

    I didn't see in your post whether you were looking for a GPS to use in a car (although many cars come equipped with an installed GPS) or a handheld GPS that you can use out in the fields as well as in your car. Do you want it to be able to talk to you and tell you when you need to change...
  11. G

    50 cents worth of silver?

    Nice find Jeff. Congratulations. Seeing the pillars would start me shaking. You have always had great skill at putting your coil over some very awesome foreign silver and gold if I recall correctly.(y) Have a Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year.
  12. G

    mystery Item

    Looks like a golf shoe spike.
  13. G

    Better Than Sitting at Home..!!

    I'm seeing 35 pennies in that pile of coins so as opposed to we Canadians, you at least get to spend all of your coinage. North of 60 those pennies are as worthless as a pile of washers. Looks like a visit to Coinstar. One more opportunity to get out of the house.