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Recent content by gwsears

  1. gwsears

    Have a mint Tesoro Silver Umax on the way.

    Or anywhere else..
  2. gwsears

    City Dump Finds

    Hmmm, took a dive?
  3. gwsears

    defense of the Outlaw

    Pure analog.. Got to like it!
  4. gwsears

    Lucky Yard Sale Find

    Edited previous post. g
  5. gwsears

    Lucky Yard Sale Find

    Originally Posted by JohninCT "Ok, I know this is several months old, but I have the answer for you. I have one of these also and I had labeled mine so when they wore off i could still read them. Looking at it from the coil side, the switch on the left is Auto Tune for the left side sound: up...
  6. gwsears

    Military related?

    The disc is a US Quarter.. ooooops, but you knew that. No idea on the other thing.
  7. gwsears

    I'M DONE!!!!

    As my mentor told me years ago... some days you zigg when you should have zagged. Discriminate ferrous and dig all repeatable signals.
  8. gwsears

    Trying out the Simplex - Relic Hunting

    Any pics? Don't go for the clickbait.
  9. gwsears

    Will the Wirefree Headphone PRO work with the ORX?

    Very confusing! These phones are not Bluetooth. Could they have been packaged in the wrong box?
  10. gwsears

    My Dads Reale not bad for 88 years old still swinging!!!

    Git after it Dad! (y):p
  11. gwsears

    What has been your # 1 detector in years passed

    Excellent choice. Still have my DMC II, and a pair of DMC IIBa. With an experienced operator they're still hard to match. g
  12. gwsears

    Hand pain caused by the Equinox’s grip

    For me I would rather the detector hang from my hand/fingers as opposed to me gripping the vertical handle. Think walking around carrying a bucket as opposed to walking around carrying a vertical piece of pipe. :)
  13. gwsears

    Vanquish 540, Simple ,and Apex depth shootout! Who is King??

    I think that's what he did. Garrett, in my opinion, has always been a grass roots, pull tab machine. Wayne showed it would go a bit deeper than grass root.. but not much. g
  14. gwsears


    Hate to see you go through this goat roping. What most need to be concerned about is even though they don't water hunt now if at some point they decide to give it a try.. or just hunt on a rainy day and if that is after the warranty period has expired, there will be no recourse, no repair as...
  15. gwsears

    Well life rolls on

    Speaking of ugly, used and still use Nautilus. Still hard to beat one used by someone who knows how to use it! g