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Recent content by Highlifter1000

  1. Highlifter1000

    Got Ring #3 Yesterday And Ring #4 Today Plus A Silver Coin

    Awesome find finds. I like that 9 series John Deere
  2. Highlifter1000

    Todays farm field hunt with my Nox 800!

    Awesome finds.
  3. Highlifter1000

    Silver Quarter Spill

    Thats why I hunt them......Amazing hunt
  4. Highlifter1000

    Deus 2 most anticipated release ever..

    Im buying to use and one to add to my mint collection of detectors....Some people collect coins and baseball cards I collect guns and metal detectors but im also an avid detectorist
  5. Highlifter1000

    Anyone moved from the Nox 800 back to a CTX3030

    I have a 3030 but its currently in the man cave on the wall with the rest....I'm liking the 800 and will continue using it the remainder of the year
  6. Highlifter1000

    Price 1600.00

    I think its reasonable. Ill be grabbing one but not from the first run
  7. Highlifter1000

    DEUS II eXPlore like never before

    I can't wait to add this to the collection
  8. Highlifter1000

    Just secured a dream permission

    Thank you its my dream to relic hunt on a place like this one.
  9. Highlifter1000

    Wonderful hunt this morning

    It was rather amusing....I have had spills before but never nickels:laugh:
  10. Highlifter1000

    Wonderful hunt this morning

    I didn't get to my plantation permission due to extra heavy fog that didn't let up till noon. So I hit a local picnic area and this place was fairly clean as far as targets go. So swinging back to the truck I get this slamming 13 solid. Popped the plug it's a nickel...rescan two nickels...
  11. Highlifter1000

    Dating a site by coin dates

    If your digging older quarters from the 60's it could be that the silver might be at another level. Its funny how a couple more inches open up new finds especially when wheaties start being dug. I done a small test over a period od of a month. I started dating some of my parks with the type of...
  12. Highlifter1000

    New detector

    I own 5 of the top minelab machines and top tier whites machines....Just my opinion for me. I love my nox800 because it proves itself. But if you feel a different brand machine suits you give it a try. Its all about what works for YOU.
  13. Highlifter1000

    Just secured a dream permission

    I don't. I have a custom cherry picking program in my user profile but it's for parks