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Recent content by James/Texas

  1. J

    non xp headphones?

    I use Deus full with WS-4 headphones. The WS-5 headphones are too hot for me in Deep South Texas. I do have the WS-4 Wireless Headphone Adaptor and the XP Deus Foldable Wired BAckphones JUst as a backup.
  2. J

    MI-6 issue!

    Digger 45, you have not said what coil you are running or what version of software you are on. I had a simular problem with my MI-6 but the upgrade to V5.21 totally fixed the prolem.
  3. J

    WS5 VS WS4

    A post above states: 'My lite came with ws5. I like them. If nothing else they are weather proof where the others are not'. The WS-4's are weatherproof. This pic is directly from the XP web site:
  4. J

    Will the Wirefree Headphone PRO work with the ORX?

    XP detectors will not sink to the Wirefree Pro Headphones. Quest makes detectors and they make the Wirefree Pro or Wirefree Lite heaphones to work with their detectors. They also sell two different types of transmitters that connect to different detectors, the Wire Free Mate WRX or the WTX. The...
  5. J

    Yes the same field.

    Nice finds! Love to watch those Killdeer try to lure you away from their nests.
  6. J

    WS 4 headphones volume one side

    It happens! The wire is very small. They sell replacement headphones and they are very reasonable. Call your local dealer or do a search for XP Deus replacement Headband. They are around 15 bucks. Better than trying to fix them yourself.
  7. J

    sharping digging tools

    Sure do! That is a must in my dry, hard, concrete like soil we have in Deep South Texas. Thankfully, most targets I dig are fairly shallow and I make a very small hole and pop the target out with a hand digging tool. I sharpen it about every 3rd or 4th outing. It is impossible to dig a good...
  8. J

    Detector questions

    This is one of those things that is really preference on the individual to use one or not to use one. For many years I didn't care for and removed the strap. In the past 5 or 6 years, I have been using the strap and have grown to actually prefer using it. It is always hot down here in Deep South...
  9. J

    Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk Thoughts

    I have had the AT Pro-Pointer Z-Lynk ever since they first came out as well as all the Z-Lynk devices and I can say they work perfectly together. I love hearing the Pro-Pointer in my headphones!
  10. J

    My Fat Head and Nokta Makro Green Edition Headphones

    The weakness of the Simplex+ HAS to be the volume on either the Green Wireless Headphones or any headphones while using the EZ Wander. Even the Green Wireless headphones have little volume and are severely muffled. I have tried many different wired headphones with the EZ Wander, including Killer...
  11. J

    Coil Wire for multiple coils?

    You can not remove the coil wire at the coil! It is hardwired into the coil and epoxied in. Trying to remove the coil wire from the coil will destroy both. It makes no difference if the coil wire is wrapped or going straight down the shaft.
  12. J

    zlink garrett carrett failure

    Since it seems to have leaked, you should send it in to Garrett with an explanation of what happened. That is the best way to go, but you could try to remove the electronics and place it into a bag of rice and see if that may fix the problem. Unscrew the cap and remove the battery. You will see...
  13. J

    My two best finds ever with my Deus..

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! That is the only words that I can think of to describe these two AWESOME finds!
  14. J

    Apex question.............

    Is anyone else having false hits on the Apex? I do not mean a little noise, I mean a good, hard hitting, loud hit. Then when you go back over the spot, there is nothing there. This happens on every 3rd or 4th swing and is a great bother to me. I have tried every trick I know to stop this, but...
  15. J

    My Fat Head and Nokta Makro Green Edition Headphones

    EZ Wander is a great way to go to be able to use whatever headset you would like. I use the : XP Deus Metal Detector Wired Backphone Headphone w/ Volume Control They sound great and are only 14 bucks!