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Recent content by jamonah

  1. jamonah

    This weekend with NOX 800

    Also figured out the 4khz.... My not is a month old , assumed I had latest software ....V3.1..... You know what assuming does , hence the question.
  2. jamonah

    This weekend with NOX 800

    Beautiful weekend in NC , Few silvers and I think WW2 US and navy buttons . The LUXOR compact was cool attached a ebay pic of similar one. Dumb question so please excuse in advance .. Have Nox 800 , is 40kHZ the same as the 4khz that everyone is referring to? Is Frequency of 5kHz really...
  3. jamonah

    Charlotte Area

    Good Morning , same here drop me a note at and lets see if we can set a time to go in coming days Joe
  4. jamonah

    October 2, The day I finally found a gold coin! 1893 10 mark from Baden, Germany!

    AU !!! Congratulations Perfect way and place to celebrate OctoberFest! Congrats again and thank for your service to our country , see you are retired military officer
  5. jamonah

    Will not win find of the day .. but fun first day with NOX8

    Took off after lunch and went to a local park to really get feel for the Nox since I only grabbed an hour on it when it came early in week. 6- Quarters , 14 - Dimes , pennies - 2 - Rosies .. Not exciting , but Silver x deux !! Ran Park 1 , Sensitivity 18-22 , Threshold 3 , Recovery speed-...
  6. jamonah

    I got mail ...

    Thank you
  7. jamonah

    I got mail ...

    I called Steve , super nice guy and very helpful. Thank for the referral to you and joe black
  8. jamonah

    Very bad signal old copper!

    Nice pull on the large cent !! Congrats j
  9. jamonah

    I got mail ...

    @Joe Black Thanks for note , going to give it a few hours this weekend and see how it goes. Should be no issues on smooth ground as mentioned to fwcrawford , but in the woods with roots, higher grass may not do it. Yes , Bart is my dealer of choice at Big Boys Hobbies ( not in a Walter White...
  10. jamonah

    I got mail ...

    I agree water for sure would pose a problem . I agree with you I am not out weed whacking at my age with my detector , so I am sure it will be fine. I am reminded of the Explorer when it came out . The upper cam lock would come loose and break for some. Lots of my hunting buddies would call...
  11. jamonah

    I got mail ...

    Well UPS came a day early yesterday with the new NOX8 ! First impression , (certainly don't want to be viewed as complainer here) was this machine is cool but it could use some meat on its bones. Gotta say not real impressed with to Rod system, really feels cheap, and lots of wobble as I ran...
  12. jamonah

    Sun Glasses

    @u2robert Yes sir , they are glass
  13. jamonah

    Sun Glasses

  14. jamonah

    Went to spot I have hunted 20 times and found 100 year old Silver.

    Nice !!! Anyway detecting is a good day , finding silver a great day ! Congrats