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Recent content by Kraemer

  1. K

    Amazon Drones...........

    Well the Amazon Done Delivery just got FAA approval....... Now we have Skeet Shooting with Prizes!!!
  2. K

    Trump Should Do This..........

    A sure fire way to victory for ANY Presidential Candidate would be to run on Term Limits for Congress. The Congress was NEVER intended to be a career. Entrenched politicians on BOTH sides have gotten rich at the expense of the American People. Trump is the only person with the cojones to suggest...
  3. K

    Republican Party Future..........

    I have always worried about the Republican Party and it’s future. Now after the Democrats have moved so far to the left I have renewed hope for the Republicans. And where is this renewed hope coming from?? One of the most unlikely demographic in America.......Blacks and Hispanics! If Trump can...
  4. K

    Biden has gone delusional.

    Do yourself a favor and instead of consuming the Liberal Media Propaganda try thinking for yourself. I realize it takes an effort and maybe uncomfortable but you would be amazed at the logic and facts that are out there. Otherwise you just maybe proving that old saying.......”If you can’t learn...
  5. K


    Darn, I had been enjoying the ignore feature on this site.
  6. K

    USPS--Better late than never

    The PO is the prime example of Government bureaucracy run amuck. Seems FedX and UPS can make a huge profits annually but the PO loses BILLIONS EVERY YEAR. I bought a case of water that was sent from Dallas area (600 mi away) and it was scanned 18 times. Took nearly 2 weeks to get here. Had to...
  7. K

    Biden’s campaign fixing to fold like a pup tent.

    Biden is an empty suit. Anyone else in his stage of decline would have the decency to retire and not depend on the Liberal Media to prop him up and attempt to fool Americans into believing he is something that he is not. There is no way to imagine him as the leader of the free world. No shortage...
  8. K

    Joeseph Goebbels Would Be Proud.....

    The Liberal Media and Liberal Democrats are lying and gaslighting America. Media is covering for Biden and his gaffes on a daily basis. Liberal Media skews everything in the news with no regard for the truth. Using Goebbel’s tactics of telling a lie often enough that people will believe it...
  9. K

    In Honor of 9/11

    Judy Wood in her book and videos make a compelling case for something else happening at the Twin Towers on 9/11. There is video of massive steel beams that literally turn to dust. Instead of piles of debris there are craters where the buildings stood. It is impossible to believe that the...
  10. K


    Think he has realized Gropin Joe is a loser.
  11. K

    Biden has gone delusional.

    Epic gaslighting by an epic fool.
  12. K

    Looks like dems in Minnesota are leaving Biden’s plantation

    Across the Nation old school Democrats have nothing in common with the Radical Left. This election cycle could be a trend of many Democrats disillusioned with their Party and an opportunity for the Republicans. Blacks are getting onboard in droves and it is a long time overdue.
  13. K

    Ballot Fraud...........

    Voter fraud laws need to be stiffened to discourage election tampering. Big fines and extended jail time might help. Make anyone knowing of the fraud an accessory and as guilty as the perpetrator. Make the punishment harsh and swift!
  14. K

    Bozo Biden will fail big time

    Liberal Democrats and Liberal Media are propping up and covering for their deteriorating candidate. Writing is on the wall and their about to get desperate. I hate to say it but I wouldn’t be surprised to see some crisis concocted by the Liberals. People’s lives and livelihoods are dispensable...
  15. K

    Political under all circumstances including putting their own forces in second place... Not letting their eyes and what they are seeing matter...

    These people actively working to get domestic terrorists released are complicit in their crimes. Jail time and fines are in order.