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Recent content by Mark kus

  1. Mark kus

    MI6 pinpointer battery problems

    My MI6 is only a year old and it will sometimes not turn on fully charged go hit the button and nothing plug it in it will turn right back on and work fine?!! Frustrating to say the least! Mark
  2. Mark kus

    My new Deaus 2

    I kept my Nox along with my Deus 2 I still prefer the 9” coil which I’m going to buy and sell my 11”. I still prefer my Nox tones over the Deus 2 just my preference. Mark
  3. Mark kus

    Newbie questions

    Not sure if you have the MI-6 Deus pin pointer? It’s a nice addition it has a if lost find pin pointer on the Deus2 controller. I dropped mine in the woods by accident and used the find mode and easily found it now it’s tied to my finds bag. Welcome to the forums. Mark
  4. Mark kus

    Gold age...

    Nice finds !
  5. Mark kus

    Coil Question

    I personally did way better with the 9" low frequency coil it was my best coil . Mark
  6. Mark kus

    A normal day

    I never use discrimination works well for me that way Mark
  7. Mark kus

    nice 925 ring today

    Nice the one silver ring I found last week I hit with my shovel! mark
  8. Mark kus

    Researched then finally made the trip into the woods among the huge pine trees.

    Nice score Jim broken foot and all it happens when we least you expect it Mark
  9. Mark kus

    Deus 2 coil

    I’d be happy just to buy a 9” for mine! Mark
  10. Mark kus

    Todays farm field hunt with my Nox 800!

    Here’s a killer video I just watched talk about plates in one hunt!!!
  11. Mark kus

    gold coin found with deus 1 worth 540,000 pounds

    I found one just like that at the beach!
  12. Mark kus

    Todays farm field hunt with my Nox 800!

    That's a killer find the plate and a great coin day also! congrats! Mark
  13. Mark kus

    Has Anyone Ever Painted There Coils

    I only use my 5" coil in water.. Mark
  14. Mark kus

    XP Deus 2 wear.

    Looks like a problem to me the equinox will do the same thing.. Mark