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Recent content by Mark kus

  1. Mark kus

    Reasons why you stick with an E-Trac over the newer machines

    He puts in a lot of hours I'm sure and travel to make those finds I wish I could my wife would disown me if I detected all weekend lol..
  2. Mark kus

    $1000 fine for going to the beach...

    Oh but what they say is the virus effects will be less if your vaccinated bull crap! Did you know Bill Gates of hell invented the video game omikrom spelled a little different over 10 years ago!! Mark
  3. Mark kus

    XP DEUS II Introduction | XP Metal Detectors

    Beat me to it
  4. Mark kus


    I see one on Ebay first that's what happened with the equinox!! Mark
  5. Mark kus

    Does anyone do this????

    eTrac is a great machine I had one the recovery speed is what I like on the Nox especially in trashy areas I've cleaned up very well in spots I hunted with my eTrac and missed some very nice coins that's for sure that the Nox found...And the nox is way better on gold that's for dang sure! Mark
  6. Mark kus

    Why I dont like the equinox 800

    I run mine wide open to dug a silver quarter 11" sat and a rusty nail 14"! my pin pointer was 4" from the surface! But I never dig a lot of bottle caps I have a knack for them on the saltwater I dig a few It's those deep rusty nails that get me I know its a nail when the pointer sounds off to...
  7. Mark kus

    Broken ears on stock coil

    Use the one I used he makes them both for 6” and 11” they are a perfect fit almost snap in and the ears are super wide beefed up. Mark
  8. Mark kus

    The manual is out for download.

    Now you’re going to have to wait probably longer than you think for the detector Mark
  9. Mark kus

    A Great Barber Weekend

    Nice batch of coins and finds Dave I’ll be out this weekend after being sick with wife and daughter all had Covid thankfully I’m back to work and wife’s feeling better …, Mark
  10. Mark kus

    Large cent!

    nice largie and bottles my wife and I just getting over Covid so I have not been out much but thankfully we’re better… Mark
  11. Mark kus

    Broken ears on stock coil

    Thanks the method I used has worked flawlessly on two coils it’s really a easy fix. The coil ears on the nox are of a horrible design I was careful for 3 years never broke one then one day I had my coil off to clean it and saw small hairline cracks from the bolt hole out so I knew it was only a...
  12. Mark kus

    Broken ears on stock coil

    I had the same problem and I used JB weld plastic epoxy and used the broken tabs epoxied to the stiffener then epoxy it back to the coil working great ! The stiffener I used was on eBay it’s very beefed up and literally almost snaps in place . Mark
  13. Mark kus

    Silver Quarter Spill

    Nice haul lots of 1964’s to had a find like that a few years ago with two very large silvers next to each never forget those finds! Congratulations Mark