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Recent content by markinswpa

  1. M

    Lower tone pitch for hearing impaired

    I also suffer from hearing loss, anything above 3,000 k I can't hear. I wondered the same thing, what am I not hearing. I have the iron volume set at 2 and hunt with horseshoe engaged. That way I can investigate the slightest pop of any target I hear. I adjust the volume but leave the tone pitch...
  2. M

    Legend updates ?

    1) Iron Bias 2)M3 new Multi Freq 3)Pitch Tone 4)Mineralization Meter 5)Mute Function 6)Audio Gain 7)Hearing the sound thru HPs and speaker at the same time :geek:Selected setting to blink 9)Discrimination pattern to not revert back to C (custom) when changing modes 10)Notch Filter - Automatic...
  3. M

    Legend updates ?

    Anybody heard how soon the new updates will be ready? I am very interested to see the performance of the Legend if Nokta can pull off theses updates without affecting other aspects of performance. Mark
  4. M

    Ghost Signal

    Do circle your pinpointer around the sides of the hole in a downward spiral motion? I have been fooled more than once with the target in the sidewall. Particularly when the coin is on edge and when they are I've noticed the signal is stronger off the edge of the coil. Just something to think...
  5. M

    Here’s a little problem in Park mode.

    Mark kus, would have like to seen him put a silver dime in with that piece of wire and see what happens, in Park and a couple other modes. Could be a good little tell-tale. Thanks for posting. Mark
  6. M

    Next New Minelab detector needs a button to clean out the wireless connections

    I'll be danged, been using the 800 for years now and fumble fussing around the other way. The one thing I noticed is the headphones have to be in pairing mode (red & blue light flashing ) and not just on. Then turn the detector on. I wonder why Minelab would not tell you that. Thanks for the...
  7. M

    Next New Minelab detector needs a button to clean out the wireless connections

    Big T, Just this past weekend I had trouble with my Avantrees linking up. Although I didn't do a factory reset I had to try 4 or 5 times before they would link up. I would turn off the bluetooth button, turn off the headphones. Push and hold the bluetooth till it beeps then turn on the...
  8. M

    OK…WS6 as Master (can this be done?)

    Kevin, yes you can run it in slave or master. Gary Blackwell has a video on youtube and explains it. And I'm pretty sure all the functions are available in the WS6 that are in the remote. He also stated a package with just the WS6, coil and stem will be available in the furture. Mark
  9. M

    Back to the big park back to back SLQ’s with dates!

    It does, it looks like a 22 to me. I thought that even before I read your post, when I saw the title I looked at the pics first and though no way. But for your sake I hope WAY. Mark
  10. M

    Back to the big park back to back SLQ’s with dates!

    Mark kus outstanding hunting and congrats on a great silver haul. If that is in fact a 1922 SLQ you have a very rare bird in deed, perhaps a one of a kind due the fact the only silver coin minted in 1922 was the Peace dollar. You may have hit it out of the park with this one. Good luck and keep...
  11. M

    Update app for Mac/Apple?

    A video I saw, Gary Blackwell said , update not available for Mac. Maybe that will change. Mark
  12. M

    Deus 2 park hunt when well it happen

    sube, TnnSharpshooter posted one over on the fmdf
  13. M

    Deus II 75 Hour Relic Review..

    Thanks, I was under the impression that XPs headphones/ backphones were proprietary. Mark
  14. M

    Deus II 75 Hour Relic Review..

    Calabash great review. Looking forward to part 3. I did not pick up what you said about the full headphones. What are they ? And where did you get them ? Thanks, Mark
  15. M

    This post proves pennies add up

    I was wondering about ceramic media. How does that do ? I was thinking of something less abrasive to tumble wheaties with. I know its pretty pricey compared to gravel