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Recent content by Micheal_R

  1. Micheal_R

    Thursday Night Banjo Night.... broke a string.

    Good to see some posts still coming Steve. a good tale indeed fair winds Micheal
  2. Micheal_R

    Forum just not the same...; a few thoughts..

    As you know, I do not do FB... but can you , if possible, give John my email address or send me his.. I have been too negligent about keeping in contact.. Many thanks my friend Micheal
  3. Micheal_R

    Forum just not the same...; a few thoughts..

    Have you heard from either of Lindas brothers?? Wondering how they are doing in light of Linda's passing Micheal
  4. Micheal_R

    So you want a tale

    It would be a very long trip for me, Phil.. I live on Vancouver Island in Canada.. That said, health permitting [and Covid of course] I would love to make a run through the US to meet up with friends I have made on this forum Calm seas Micheal
  5. Micheal_R

    So you want a tale

    I would be out there looking Phil.. unless it is on private land. If time and circumstances permit, a follow up would be nice Micheal
  6. Micheal_R

    Forum just not the same...; a few thoughts..

    Hello my friend.. Funny how that goes.. I was just thinking of you and Linda a couple of days back. I hope all is well with you.. and how is Linda.. after her tribulations in life, she definitely deserves some peace and joy We are back on Vancouver Island now.. health was getting a bit...
  7. Micheal_R

    Best Finds Of 2020

    Some great finds there Paul; Looking forward to you coming over to the island one day Micheal
  8. Micheal_R

    XP MI 6 probe

    Use ONLY 'O' ring grease [available at any dive shop] or silicone dielectric grease. Any other will cause the O ring to deteriorate Micheal
  9. Micheal_R

    New XP Deus EVO program

    A great program Gary.. I have it , the sonar and the ultimate in side by side slots.. They work better than my custom program.. But I did change the frequency up to 31 kHz Micheal
  10. Micheal_R

    Re Headphone and contoller batteries.

    Thank you very much.. In the end, I did both.. watched a couple of videos,, and most importantly,took my time and examined everything that could possibly go wrong twice/three times.. The only really tricky part was the phones... had to make certain that the USB connection point was free.. I...
  11. Micheal_R


    I still have my old xs with the 8 inch coinsearch...Plus a seasearch for the water...I have thought about selling it.. but then I re-think and change my mind. I do have two excals [one is the old sword] and an excal11.. I just seem to feel that the older technology still cannot be beat in...
  12. Micheal_R

    Re Headphone and contoller batteries.

    Has anyone changed the batteries in the WS5 and/or controller? Mine are both finally showing their age and require changing. I have ordered up the batteries... But before I set to and start to change them out, I want to know if there are any specific dos or more importantly, don'ts that I...
  13. Micheal_R

    Ordered the 13" X-35

    I went with the 9 inch round HF coil.. and I too have not taken it off... I still have my original 9 inch coil.. do not know what I am going to do with it Micheal
  14. Micheal_R


    what version do you run the Deus.. I am using 4.1 and I have had syncing issues with it when I paired the PP..There were times I could not hear my Deus when i turned the PP off Does a newer version eliminate that syncing [or non syncing] issue? Micheal
  15. Micheal_R

    as time goes by... the gold edition

    It was 50 years ago, today that the young couple walked, with unsteady feet and uncertain hearts , down the aisle towards their future together. Life was not to be an easy start for them; both sets of parents opposed the union. He had no job, nor any immediate prospects. She did odd gardening...