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Recent content by Mkus

  1. Mkus

    Simplex or Apex?

    My friend had a simplex and detected with me on a saltwater beach with lots of purple sand he sold it after seeing what the equinox was like . Mark
  2. Mkus

    Truthfully, the difference in most detectors

    No not the same guy he used the garret pulse waterproof one cant recall name of it here are the rings he found
  3. Mkus

    I Found The Golden Fleece..!!

    Nice job .. Mark
  4. Mkus

    Truthfully, the difference in most detectors

    I do a lot of beach hunting saltwater and freshwater I will only use a multi frequency machine so I stick with Minelab for everything. I also hunt year round here in Ct so I put hundreds if not a couple thousand hours a year on my detector heck my buddy pulled two gold rings from the water...
  5. Mkus

    1864 2 cent coin

    Nice find the later ones are rarer I found a beautiful one last year AU condition. What I want to find is a shield nickel which looks exactly the same on one side ..Mark
  6. Mkus

    The dig the movie

    I’m watching it now ..
  7. Mkus

    The dig the movie

    I thought I’d share it I’m going to watch it today we need more movies like this maybe the SS Central American someday! Mark
  8. Mkus

    A great 1hr. hunt

    Thanks I found that in 2016 it was attached to a sterling money clip ...
  9. Mkus

    In mint condition, very good condition, like new condition?????????

    I baby my machine and wash and clean it all the time I'm anal about condition. Mark
  10. Mkus

    What makes your metal detector good? How to become a better detectorist? Do you care?

    I hunt a lot hundreds of hours all year and time spent in the fields or water is paramount to great technique and great finds! Great video Cal I now use only my equinox learn your machine well and you will make great finds! Mark
  11. Mkus

    Bible Prophecy

    Good show for these times
  12. Mkus

    PRAYERS PLEASE--REC very bad news this morning 7:00 A.M.

    Prayerfully all works out these are tough times Matk
  13. Mkus

    Beach scoop recommendations.

    I have a 6" stainless scoop but Just my 2 cents only time I use a scoop is in the water just easier with all the rocks around I use a shovel like NH beach detector.. Mark
  14. Mkus

    A great 1hr. hunt

    Nice Job that ones use! nothing like finding a big hunk of silver! Mark
  15. Mkus

    Patriot finds Lost Rings

    Nice job! I know that feeling my wife lost hers lucky we found both! Mark