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momule's latest activity

  • momule
    momule reacted to CT Todd's post in the thread Any regrets? with Like Like.
    You would like to claim that you can hear a difference but you can't. A tone is a tone plain and simple. The tone corresponds to a...
  • momule
    Found another 70 locally for $200 with the HF 10.5DD to add to my herd, I'll have one for each different coil that I have for them. I'll...
  • momule
    momule replied to the thread Any regrets?.
    I'm still on the fence, reservations, whatever you want to call it on the Nox. I am strictly a relic hunter and the Nox has not...
  • momule
    momule reacted to JCR TX's post in the thread Vista Warrior Tips with Like Like.
    You should get some replies from some folks here that have used the Vista Warrior. I have really enjoyed the performance of my Vista X...
  • momule
    Just got one and would like some tips on hunting old house sites and CW campsites loaded with nails. Have had the RG 1000 and Gold in...
  • momule
    Wild West Detectors has had my pre order for over a month, no news yet.
  • momule
    momule reacted to colt's post in the thread xterra obsolete with Like Like.
    I have a super clean 70 on its way. Had one years ago that was a hot little son of a pup. I made the mistake of selling it to try other...
  • momule
    momule replied to the thread XTerra 70 vs. the 705.
    I have 2 low serial number X-Terra 70's. Have tried twice with the 705 and always went back to the 70. The bullets in my avatar pic were...
  • momule
    I have the 1st detector I ever owned, problem is, it doesn't work anymore. It's the old BFO, 1 tone type. Does anyone even work on a...
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  • momule
    momule reacted to Tom Slick's post in the thread It's Been Awhile..... with Like Like.
    "The jury is still out on the Nox" A jury of one. :rolleyes:
  • momule
    momule reacted to laplander's post in the thread It's Been Awhile..... with Like Like.
    I have noticed more of my buttons are toast, still some nice ones coming out. All those setting adjustments are what makes the Nox the...
  • momule
    momule replied to the thread Xterra 705 old stock?.
    I'm with Old Longhair on this, the 705 is one of the best single frequency machines ever made, although I still prefer my 70's that I have.
  • momule
    momule reacted to Old Longhair's post in the thread Xterra 705 old stock? with Like Like.
    I know that I'm biased as hell, but I have to say that for those who actually put the time in to learn what the 705 can do it's an...
  • momule
    Have not been on here for a few years, mostly busy with other things in life. Decided to get back to relic hunting. Still a rabid...
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