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Recent content by Neil

  1. Neil

    Just seen where Dan-Pa. a long time member on here has passed away!! Read it on another forum.

    So sorry to read this. Dan was a great guy, a real straight shooter. Had several dealings with him over the years. RIP Dan.
  2. Neil

    Does anyone have any suggestions from personal experience on good places to sell found gold jewelry?

    Lets say a gold ring I have is valued at $500 melt value by current prices. How much should I be willing to shave off that? I know about business cost and profits, but what kind of percentage can I expect a coin shop to offer or what percentage did they take from you? 5%....10%......15% Thank...
  3. Neil

    T2 in all metal

    I do also, almost entirely hunt in all metal. I use it mostly on beaches. All metal cuts out the masking and its more sensitive to smaller gold. It hits small gold chains very well. Im gonna guess Im not bothered by the noise usually because Ive used Minelabs mostly over the years and theyve...
  4. Neil

    Does anyone have any suggestions from personal experience on good places to sell found gold jewelry?

    I looked at some places google recommended but Id feel more comfortable with a personal recommendation.....
  5. Neil

    The Best of the Best

    To date the best Ive ever used is the Etrac. Its got great depth on the beach where I use it and can ID really well almost to full depth. Thats a big help. I wish it was as light as my T2.
  6. Neil

    Troy Shadow X5

    Your right but I have another detector for that. I had two X5s, the one I used alot sold already, I just put my other one up for sale. Im going to be heading out west in a small RV so space is critical.....would love to take more detectors but it looks like Im only gonna have room for two.
  7. Neil

    Troy Shadow X5

    Thank you sir. Any detector suggestions I might read up on?
  8. Neil

    Troy Shadow X5

    Ok thank you. I didnt know if I should sell the X5 and get something like a Goldmonster or Gold Bug 2. From the videos Ive seen it seems like all the gold detectors hit hot rocks hard like my X5 does(detectors under $1,000.)so I dont see much advantage as the X5 hits small gold really well...
  9. Neil

    Troy Shadow X5

    Does anyone know if these work in the desert like Nevada or Arizona? Ive never hunted that kind of soil. Hopefully heading out that way next year. Thank you
  10. Neil

    What has been your # 1 detector in years passed

    Sovereign since they first came out. No meter, just used the tones ocean beach hunting. Great machine.
  11. Neil

    Musketeer Advantage Ultimate 13 Beach Master

    The Advantage is a great machine. Very good in iron. Heavy as the Sov.....minelab took way to long lightning up their machines.... Loved the little 7.25" stock coil on it best.
  12. Neil

    Desmond Dunne has passed away I've just learned. Great guy and always fun to converse with...

    So sad to read this. I wish his family peace and comfort.
  13. Neil

    Giving the T2+ a try!

    Give the all metal mode a good workout. It has a good feel to it, its like your connected to the ground. Your gonna have to deal with alot of targets but the meter makes that easier. Very sensitive all metal is.