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Recent content by Old coin hunter

  1. O

    "Today's find"

    You're really going to like your new Simplex. HH Jim
  2. O

    Gold, Silver and more at the EMI lawn.

    The parking lot is right behind the bar with another small lot behind another building then the lawn. Jim
  3. O

    Gold, Silver and more at the EMI lawn.

    I’ll tell you Mike, my temperament can only take that EMI for an hour or so. Thanks, Jim
  4. O

    Gold, Silver and more at the EMI lawn.

    Glad that i'm a glutton for punishment as i went back to the lawn that has really bad emi and found this melted gold nugget that weighed 5.63 grams along with the Merc, Wheat, dog tax tag and the "bullet". The nugget was made by someone melting down gold items to make it. The lawn is right next...
  5. O

    Found a few coins.

    Kinda wet ground for gold hunting so i went to one of my coin spots and found 5 coins. 1 zinc, 1 copper 1 wheat and 2 beatup Buffs. The place i was hunting has the very bad EMI so i tried different settings on my ORX and the fine gold program worked the best for minimizing the EMI so i could...
  6. O

    Not gonna hunt coins much after finding these!

    Don’t know about finding ounces as this area has been pounded for 30 years. Time will tell.
  7. O

    Not gonna hunt coins much after finding these!

    Just an FYI for everyone. There are 12 troy ounces in a pound of gold, but that's still quite a bit of money for what he's found. HH Jim
  8. O

    Not gonna hunt coins much after finding these!

    Minelab GPX 6000. Northern Nevada which is mostly high desert where i'll be hunting.
  9. O

    Not gonna hunt coins much after finding these!

    Got a friend who's been hunting gold for about ten years and has found about three pounds. He's been trying to talk me into getting a gold detector and going with him so i finally got one and went out with him a couple of times and found these nuggets. It's a very slow process as you have to...
  10. O

    Big Ole Shiny!!

    Yup, i would have reacted the same, nice find. Jim
  11. O

    Another ball diamond and another....

    That’s a really good one.
  12. O

    ORX Cleaning House!

    Good finds. What coil and settings did you use?
  13. O

    Found 1 token and got 650$ for it!!!

    Thanks all. Can't get much luckier than that. If i decide to sell it you all will get first shot. HH, Jim.
  14. O

    14 cents including a first for me

    Real nice Mike, don't think i'll ever find a 2 cent coin but i can hope. HH Jim.