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Recent content by Old Longhair

  1. Old Longhair

    X-Terra 705 and cut Dirhem

    That's outstanding Mike! I'm glad that you hung with the 705, because it really is a capable machine. It just speaks to me, and I listen!
  2. Old Longhair

    Fixed my Coil Ears !!

    Excellent! Turned out very well. :thumbup:
  3. Old Longhair

    What type thermometer?

    The graduations may well not be in degrees. There's no ° or F after the numbers that would indicate temperature.
  4. Old Longhair

    What type thermometer?

    I believe that it is a type of "Hygrometer", often used to check the effective operating range of vehicle coolant. That's my guess.
  5. Old Longhair

    My other hobbies include -

    The only thing that would be better, is if we could get paid for doing it.
  6. Old Longhair

    This is all Mike and I fish for..

    It may still be. Every state has their own laws, and I haven't checked Alaska's laws to know.
  7. Old Longhair

    Always be ready..

    What they notice most is movement. Become a statue and look with your eyes, don't turn your head. Also, don't stare straight at them. Predators stare, and it terrifies prey animals. I have deer walk by close enough to reach out and touch, but the instant I move it would be all over.
  8. Old Longhair

    This is all Mike and I fish for..

    Snagging any "game fish" here is illegal, and you don't want to get caught at it. Some guys do it during the salmon run, but the DNR is out in force watching for just that, and they will ruin your whole day.
  9. Old Longhair

    This is all Mike and I fish for..

    If you want a real fight, snag one. :rofl: I watched a friend of mine battle one for over an hour, and when he finally landed it, it was foul hooked in the dorsal fin. We were also fishing in a river, and the current adds challenge to the process.
  10. Old Longhair

    This is all Mike and I fish for..

    Carp? I used to catch them all the time on light tackle. It's a hoot! I think the biggest I ever caught on 6# test line was 32".
  11. Old Longhair

    Always be ready..

    Stuff like that is fun, but don't kid yourself, she knew you were there. She just didn't feel you were a sufficient threat initially. I get a kick when I'm sitting in the woods still as a statue, and one walks up within about 6ft with its eyes and ears focused on my position and starts stomping...
  12. Old Longhair

    Small falcon maybe

    Sharp-Shinned Hawks are also very "falcon like", but the lack of color and detail in the pic makes it hard to determine what it is. This is a Sparrow Hawk. A Sharp-Shinned Hawk is also a bit larger than a Sparrow Hawk.
  13. Old Longhair

    Small falcon maybe

    Sparrow Hawk perhaps? They look like miniature Peregrine Falcons.
  14. Old Longhair

    Xterra 705 old stock?

    Sadly, I'm afraid that there won't be any further coil development for the Xterra line. You just have to be satisfied with the 5X10" HF and the 10½" MF & HF offerings (which happen to be the only coils that aren't waterproof). Some folks have waterproofed their own coils with Flex-Seal™ or even...
  15. Old Longhair

    what Am I

    As soon as I saw it I knew it was a button hook. I have a couple that I inherited from their original owners.