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Recent content by Phil66

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    So you want a tale

    The date would have been 1972 -11975.. Was out of work. Went to work on a Pecan lease.. By day harvested Pecans,by night hunted fur bearing animals. Came in to camp after such a hunt.There we had at three corner lean to.. The old man in charge offered me a shot of whiskey, which I greatfully...
  2. P

    Bought New to me

    I have one. It fits the TK4.It is the medium size one.I do not know if it fits the SS or not?
  3. P

    Vintage Garrett coil question.

    JCR TX Much thanks!
  4. P

    Vintage Garrett coil question.

    Okay I have an old Garrett Freedom Ace Coin commander.I am wondering if any one knows,will the early crossfire coils work with this?Can not find any info on older Garrett coils.The screw on connections look right?No idea on frequency either?Sure would be nice 6 inch ,10 and 4 inch crossfire...
  5. P

    W3hat is the pro mean?

    Monte thanks for your interest and answers.I started my 12 year old grandson on a TK4.Then decided he needed a little more from a detector so went to early to a Lonestar.Should have just put out the bucks right away and started with a solid intermediate. Proud to say he has a good grasp of...
  6. P

    W3hat is the pro mean?

    MuddyMO i happen to have a tracker 4 ,first attempt to get my grandson detecting.I watched a Utube video on how to use it. One of the all time best sellers. A really a fun little machine.Down to about 4 inches. Tough little thing to.And that is the machine he found his first coins with..
  7. P

    W3hat is the pro mean?

    Well economics had an impact. Great deal on a new 440 Vanquish and due to some real luck scored a Teknetics Liberator also.Understand it is equal to Landstar pro.So different learning curves on both detectors. Somewhat confused..Very first detectors GarretT coin commanders ,so simple found...
  8. P

    Camo LS detector

    Anybody with a s LAND STAR detector that can tell me if this is basicly the same machine with a camo paint job.Shocked to find 2 different places with this machine,one in the high 500 range and one at 149.00.Thinking on jumping in at the lower price.
  9. P

    W3hat is the pro mean?

    Thanks Ma . Half the battle is done. My grandson found a couple coins first time out.Still raining off and on grrr!
  10. P

    W3hat is the pro mean?

    Well fortunate or unfortunate no Bounty Hunter .. Close I sniped a Technetics Liberator on Ebay. First coin a 1955 D wheat cent.Did my hunted out yard again.That was yesterday.Today was going to a dried out lake.Heavy rain yet again.I can tell like the pro style already.
  11. P

    land ranger pro

    Sorry just noticed rereading that you already answered this apologies Mike.
  12. P

    land ranger pro

    Thank you Mike one more question. How does the Time Ranger compare to the Land Star.. Doing the most careful shopping I can.So many models confusing.
  13. P

    land ranger pro

    Mike I have Googled quite a bit. As I stated the used Land Ranger sounds really good However I am also looking at a brand new Titanium detector. Main difference is the 5 year warranty.If you don't mind me picking your brain,,you seem extremely well versed on Bounty Hunter's.Is there some model...
  14. P

    land ranger pro

    Thanks Mike.I have found a Land Ranger for sale with three different coils for $180.00.!Hope I can scrape up the coin.(pun intended)She is calling my name.After buying my grandson a Lonestar and checking it out.,looking to get a top notch BH!
  15. P

    BEST arthritis rub made

    Ma I hear you loud and clear.Had a disc replaced and Titainum added.Lasted a whole month or so before the disc on top of that cracked.Hard to sleep and rest. to this day.Takes meds to make life work.Temp help from Stop Pain.Seems to last maybe a good hour.Hope you get much better!Yes hurts but...