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Recent content by Rick N. MI

  1. R

    Planning to do this to my Deeptech Vista Gold

    Trying to get a 4' extension for my Vista Gold thru Deepwoods Detectors. Most of my hunting is in the lakes. I have a bucket of sand in my living room as it's 20F and snow on ground. I buried a 0.89 gram 14k gold ring that barely fits on the tip of my little finger in the sand at 12". Both the...
  2. R

    Picked up a used Deeptech Gold w/ 11x7 coil

    and a used Super 6 coil. This is the 4th Deeptech I've had. Think I'll keep this one. I like it. Can't wait till spring. All snowed in now.
  3. R

    Picked up a modded Cibola

    I picked up a modded Cibola with a ground balance and an all metal/normal switch under the box. I've been using the 8" and 5.75 concentric and am loving it. Also have a Tejon and Lobo St with ground balance adjusted inside. It made the Lobo as powerful as the Tejon. Tesoro is my favorite...
  4. R

    AT Gold neg ground balance

    Depth increases quite a bit with neg ground balance. I set mine about -20 from where it ground balanced. With the 5x8 coil in disc mode with nails disc'ed out at 30. It hits my 9" dime and 10" dime. Not bad. The depth is now right there with my Tejon, Warrior and modded Lobo ST. Also the depth...
  5. R

    AT Gold hunt in all metal

    This was at a small area by an old church. Have found IH's, old wheats, mercs, and a cut seated dime. Have hunted the area many times. There is some iron trash in it. I hunted in all metal with iron audio on and disc at 31. The lead piece was 12" deep with iron on top. Kept getting a good...
  6. R

    AT Gold all metal/iron audio on in iron trash

    Has anybody else hunted this way. Using the 5x8 coil in all metal with iron audio on at about 33 or higher I can hunt in iron trash. Sweep the coil slow back and forth before moving forward. You will have all the high and low tones but when you go over a non ferrous or larger iron there is a...
  7. R

    Received my 5.75 concentric coil today

    I was very very impressed with it. On my Tejon I took it thru my test coins and it hit on all of them. Including a dime at 9" and 10". I ground balanced in disc. Wow, I should have got one of these a long time ago. It is as good as everybody has been saying. Rick
  8. R

    Looking for an id on this button for a friend

    Here it is. Thanks, Rick
  9. R

    I got the 10x12 ws for my Tejon

    Just tried it in my test coins. It is quite impressive. I think it's going to be a great coil to have. Rick
  10. R

    went to a trashy iron spot with my T2se and hunted in all metal

    It wasn't really as bad as I thought it would be. I used all metal because I'm not getting any hits there anymore. I used the 5" coil with sensitivity at 99. I didn't get any non-ferrous hits but did dig the bigger iron hits. I rather enjoyed hunting in all metal in the iron trash. The bottle...
  11. R

    I got my first T2se

    It has the standard 11" and 5" coils and the 15" coil. Also will be getting the sharpshooter. First I got the Relic and lost all confidence in it when for me my Tejon out performed it. Then got the mxs and really liked that detector but got rid of it for reasons I won't say. So I finally end...
  12. R

    Well, I took the mxs in the lake today

    I didn't like it in the lake. It was slow to sweep and heavy to swing. The 10" coil didn't float. I much preferred my modded SurfMaster II, I like the high tone beep and dig in the water. Rick
  13. R

    I got my new MXSport from White's

    It's not quite right....but overall it's great. I'm keeping this one. It is a really a very impressive detector. Both the 10" and 6x10 coils are impressive in performance too. I'll be taking it out as deep as I can go in the water today. Rick
  14. R

    Is the MXSport working underwater with no leaks?

    Want ot know as I'm ready to take mine in the lake. Rick
  15. R

    I have to send my mxs back after it was updated

    I was out today for 2 hours in prospect mode with iron grunt. It was working fine for 2 hours then the iron grunt got a high tone mixed in with it. When it was working right I could go over my hardwood floor and get all low grunt. Now when I go over it a high tone is mixed in making it unusable...