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Recent content by silvercoinboy

  1. silvercoinboy

    Equinox coming up on its 5 year birthday

    Remembering in the Summer of '17 and the reports of the new Minelab being tested by the select few. Got my first one in March '18. It has given me my first gold coin, over 1000 Euro face a bunch of old silver and coppers and still going strong. Will be hunting in Maryland for the next few days
  2. silvercoinboy

    Nice Pile of Euro Coins from Malta Beach

    Spent 4 days with my family in Malta, and hit the local beach that was walking distance from my hotel. Loads of trash and paved with cigarette butts, but a bunch of Euro coins hidden in-between. No gold or silver jewelry. Over 30 Euros face for 2 hunts of 2 hours each
  3. silvercoinboy

    Equinox 2 on the horizon?

    Anybody heard anything? A little over 4 years since the launch now.
  4. silvercoinboy

    Buddy gets 70 grams!

    $2398.13 according to Kitco calculator
  5. silvercoinboy

    It's refreshing to see more well rounded reviews.

    I currently using the Nox 800, but I am interested in trying out the Deus 2. Looks like it has a bunch of good features. I would like to see other folks who have used the Nox for the last 3 years and what the learning curve is to work the Deus. I was a Fisher user before my Nox, so I'm always...
  6. silvercoinboy

    This post proves pennies add up

    Segregate the copper pennies. they have 3 cents worth of copper in them!
  7. silvercoinboy

    Advice on used Equinox

    Go with warranty because if it gets wet, it is covered
  8. silvercoinboy


    look at Coiltek out of Australia. They are available at many dealers in the U.S.
  9. silvercoinboy

    New Year's Eve Hunt to Wrap Up the Year

    Happy New Year to you all! I'm back home in Germany from Saudi Arabia, and got to go hunting for a couple of hours on the 31st. Nothing special just 10+ euros on face value
  10. silvercoinboy

    Anybody still using mercury?

    Remember using Mercury for concentrates in a tumbler in the 1980's per the mining books of the time. Work well with clean (acid and fire) concentrates
  11. silvercoinboy

    Broken ears on stock coil

    send it back for warranty replacement. Already had 3 replaced
  12. silvercoinboy

    Should I buy Coiltek 10" by 5" coil?

    Never mind, its already out of stock again!!!
  13. silvercoinboy

    Should I buy Coiltek 10" by 5" coil?

    All, just came off the 3 month wait for the 10"x 5" coil. I wanted to see what you all think of it? I have both of the other CoilTek coils already, and the Minelab 6" coil too.
  14. silvercoinboy

    Deep nickel VDI numbers

    13-14 can be gold too