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Recent content by Steve O

  1. S

    Not to get off topic but a gun question.........

    Good pic. Looks like he's drying out his socks.
  2. S

    BLM's Hawk Newsome: No white people in the Bronx

    Young blacks didn't like white men in their neighborhood 50 years ago. The first thing that comes to their minds is, these white boys are undercover cops. I helped build playgrounds and pools in the worst sections of Phila. I walked up into their neighborhoods to the deli's for a sandwich, man...
  3. S

    Heh-Heh-Heh. NYT sees the Biden train wreck coming, and they know there's no stopping it.

    If they get to see Trumps tax returns. .. . . A big can of worms will be opened. We should then be allowed to see ALL of their tax returns, Pelosi's, Bidens, Shifty's etc... fair is fair.
  4. S

    Anyone heard of OFA??? their no good!

    Got to reveal the family or families with their hand up 0bamas back. .. . we have an idea. .. Soros, Rothschild's, Rockefeller's.
  5. S

    I knew Bill Klinton was a pervert, but I didn’t think he swung this way:

  6. S

    It's really hot today.

    High humidity is what zaps me.. .. not sure why. It makes it feel hotter. When I check the outdoor thermometer expecting it to be 95.. . .. it's only 86.. . .must be getting old.
  7. S

    Don Lemon the supposed journalist is a fruitcake

    Yea, when the answer isn't left enough, Lemon talks over the guest and it blanks out the guest's voice. Can't stand that jackass.
  8. S

    U.S. government awards Novavax $1.6 billion for coronavirus vaccine

    Many people will NOT want the vaccine injected into their bodies. I'm one of them,. .. ... . don't trust them as far as I can throw a Baby Grand Piano.
  9. S

    Doctor Harold Black opinion, reply and his reply:

    Nuclear Family = Parents and their Children (grandparents can be included). Seems to parallel the animal world also. Not always a guarantee but the chances are a heck of a lot better with both parents doing the raising. Reminds me of that documentary about the rhinoceros being found dead. They...
  10. S

    Do not steal my neighbors Trump sign this fall.

    Tell the guy to put NO TRESPASSING signs all around the Trump sign. RockSalt their ass for trespassing on private property as they have the sign in their hands, then it's stealing. That may work.
  11. S

    Cleveland Indians gone, Washington Redskins falling.

    We don't want to think like this, but ; They ARE anti-American, they ARE Marxist's, they DO want to erode America, that is exactly why they propose these replacements.
  12. S

    30-foot Confederate flag raised over NC highway for holiday weekend

    I'm a Yankee. My family are Yankee's, My Great Great Grandfather fought in the Civil War and was wounded at the 2nd day battle at Gettysburg. The Confederate Flag represents our country as does Old Glory or Betsy Ross Flag or the Don't Tread on Me flag....all the flags flown during America's...
  13. S

    Trump Pushes Racial Division, Flouts Virus Rules At Rushmore By: John Axtell Posted at: 07/03/2020 11:25 PM By STEPHEN GROVES and DARLENE SUPERVILL

    All these years we have been trying to cement all races together. . .we were past the worst part. Then, somehow a charlatan was put into the presidential position of the US. This guy was and is a sophisticated race baiting half white half black puppet traitor doing the bidding of coward rulers...
  14. S

    Black National Anthem??.........

    We can't let them divide us. .. obvious they are trying to do so. We are a mixed country for reasons. We are a melting pot of many ingredients. .. .you separate the ingredients and the beautiful American Pie will be gone. The troublemakers are breaking laws. .. . . treat them like the criminals...