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Recent content by still looking 52

  1. still looking 52

    Class ring finds it way home 21 years later.

    This is good for the hobby, this guy will probably tell hundreds of people about what you did him and then they will pass it on to others.
  2. still looking 52

    Researched then finally made the trip into the woods among the huge pine trees.

    Jimmy, that's a fantastic find! The coin had lots of wear, my guess is was dropped around the turn of the century? You find better stuff than I do with a broken foot.
  3. still looking 52

    Gotta love a campus…..

    If your still getting wheat cents, your still in a good area, keep the coil low, go slow and use the unraveling method to get different angles.
  4. still looking 52

    Witnessed a majic show part 2

    90% of the time a coin comes out of the ground with this magic pattern, that's Ron's percentage now.
  5. still looking 52

    Can a detector erase a signal?

    If I can't get at least a two way signal plus a depth reading I pass on those come and go signals, there's only so much time in your day to hunt and by digging every signal you'll be wasting a lot of time. Another good thing about having a hunting buddy is you can get a second opinion on a...
  6. still looking 52

    A normal day

    Anytime you find a coin over 150 years old it's a good day in detecting in my book. I've never found a coin around here that old, nice find.
  7. still looking 52

    Maybe I should detect at home.

    That could be a sign showing you were the buried treasure is?
  8. still looking 52


    Looks like it's a broken off piece from a larger object, I've got no idea what it could be. Maybe someone else has a better idea?
  9. still looking 52

    Finally Struck Park Silver

    Sounds like you've opened the door to more exciting hunts, no more need to scratch your head and wonder where your next hunt is going to be. Thanks for the good information.
  10. still looking 52

    A surprisingly great hunt today...

    Just goes to prove that you never know what's going to happen until you give it a try.
  11. still looking 52

    Found a dime looking for a nickel!

    There has to be another piece of metal close by where you found your dime, this will cause the dime to get crazy signals, even completely cancel out your dime completely. I've even had the reverse happen to me, start out with a dime signal and find a nickel. That's my story and I'm sticking...
  12. still looking 52

    Interesting find from a couple days ago....

    Really cool find, I'm going with silver also, just has that look.
  13. still looking 52

    Well. I finally did it!!!

    Now that's a trophy find for sure, I know something would have exploded if I found one of those, probably a heart attack for sure.
  14. still looking 52

    Tiny 1872 Silver Prussian Coin / 1st Year Barber Dime / 1940s Red Ryder Lucky Coin

    FANTASTIC! What a nice assortment of finds, thanks for posting.