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Recent content by Sven

  1. Sven

    Cam type lever rod clamps .

    check ebay
  2. Sven

    Does Simplex 2.67 program have to update to 2.77 program for new coils?

    Would be worth updating to 2.77, if you want a less sparky Simplex so to speak, use 2.78
  3. Sven

    Some finds and a review of the Simplex

    Yes with the stock coil the lower shaft flexes a bit. Had some other makes flex even more with the larger stock coils. Some say the flex is needed to prevent snapping when hitting a non-movable object, which could happen using a rigid lower rod or even damage a coil. You can stiffen the lower...
  4. Sven

    Musketeer Advantage Ultimate 13 Beach Master

    Looks great, the Musky was a detector I liked a lot. Had few too many of them.
  5. Sven

    First Hunt Withe the New Simplex 9.5x5" Search Coil

    It was just an "for example" to give you an idea what I was describing. I was not giving actual depth performance of the coil! Depth performance will be similar or exceed other detectors using similar sized coils, depending upon soil conditions.
  6. Sven

    First Hunt Withe the New Simplex 9.5x5" Search Coil

    Yes, I am in Canada with different soil mineralizations. So results here will probably be different than other places within Canada as well within the US. The coins here are also different, mostly nickel, nickle plated steel clad coins. Unlike the US that has copper clad coins. Park 1 gets...
  7. Sven

    First Hunt Withe the New Simplex 9.5x5" Search Coil

    Simplex Hunt with the NEW 9.5x5” Searchcoil Part 2 By Sven Stau July 19, 2020 One week has passed since I field tested the 8.5” round search coil. Today, was the elliptical 9.5x5” chance to show what it can do. Headed back to the spot(s) hunted last weekend. Today, really wanted to see what...
  8. Sven

    Well life rolls on

    Received a gift from a friend, a Blisstool V5. Always wanted to try a Blisstool. Wish came true, came with 3 coils. Finding the 7x9 coil a joy to use. I managed to click with this detector right away. Found the controls easy to figure out and understand, as well as how they interact with each...
  9. Sven

    ***** New DeepTech Smart + Pro Series coming soon !! *****

    Always good to see a new and improved DT product.
  10. Sven

    Will There Be A New Simplex Manual?
  11. Sven

    First Hunt with the new 8.5" DD search coil

    I already made one, about 6 years ago for a Fisher F5. Took about a 5" section of alumin. tubing salvaged from another detector handle, filled it with lead. On the Simplex opened up a hole under the arm cuff where the middle tube slides up into. Slide the lead filled tube into the now opening...
  12. Sven

    First Hunt with the new 8.5" DD search coil

    Just weighed the stock 11" coil and the 8.5, using my scale they weigh the same.. The 9.5 x 5 comes in about 2 ounces less.
  13. Sven

    First Hunt with the new 8.5" DD search coil

    Simplex Hunt with the NEW 8.5” Searchcoil Part 1 By Sven Stau July 12, 2020 Now I have read all about people having complaints the Simplex is to chattery and just noisy to use. So Nokta/Makro came out with Update 2.78 for those that don’t want a hot rod of a detector. My Simplex has not been...
  14. Sven

    Mint no longer accepting “found” coins?

    Salt and Vinegar mix will really make copper coins look funky. Try it on a penny or dime first. before you do a batch. I use a tumbler, aquarium gravel and a few drops of dish soap.