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Recent content by Sven

  1. Sven

    Original Vista Gold vs Vista X

    I had the original Vista Gold with several of the coils as well as the 6". Very nice machine. Then I got the Vista X and just seem to enjoy using it more. In my soils, both performance depth wise was comparable. It seems to be more stable as well. I did not like using the large stock coil on...
  2. Sven

    Deeptech vs. Tesoro machines?

    Get the Vista X!!! You will not be disappointed. Plus you have a number of coil options. I have 4 coils.
  3. Sven

    My Vista X is getting tired of sitting around.

    Finally, the Vista X came out of the closet this year. Had a chance to go detecting at a farm field before the land is turned into a subdivision of houses or an industrial park. No crops were planted this year, the weeds were starting to sprout ..But, without rain over the past two weeks...
  4. Sven

    My Vista X is getting tired of sitting around.

    Finally, have some time to take the X out for a spin this coming weekend. just the spot to try. Somewhere around 50 acres of farm land was being sold, or now has been sold. As no crops were planted this year. A street with sewage line put right thru the property. An old house many many moons...
  5. Sven

    Mike Hillis Fisher f5 corrections post

    I just uploaded the file for everyone, so they can be downloaded
  6. Sven

    Vista X question

    I figured something out in that regard, might have been my post. Looked thru my files, just haven't found that information yet.
  7. Sven

    1st Real Hunt with the Vista X 8" Concentric

    Wish I could have gotten out more with the Vista X, been somewhat of a hectic past two months with some cold , snowy weekends recently. I really like the 8" concentric.
  8. Sven

    Question for you Legend owners that also happen to own a Sovereign or Excal

    Hang onto the Sov., you don't want to regret selling it. Get the Legend and after you put enough time on it, you can make an educated decision yourself, now having experience using both.
  9. Sven

    Where to get a ground balance and threshold pot

    For which Tesoro model?
  10. Sven

    Audio gain.

    Same pinout for all Noktas Kruzer, Anfibio, Simplex, Legend. Found wired headsets work much better audio wise and you will hear the Legend threshold at the lowest setting.
  11. Sven

    You wanted it and we did it - Concentric coil...

    Best news I have heard in a long time!
  12. Sven

    Does anyone know what happened to Leslie??

    He started his own forum google From the land of the Bluenose 11 Metal Detecting
  13. Sven

    New Garrett Release : Jase Robertson Signature Edition Metal Detectors

    Duck Dynasty The Duck call producers who had their own TV drama.
  14. Sven

    New Garrett Release : Jase Robertson Signature Edition Metal Detectors

    Si and Jase shoot out, which Robertson will win?
  15. Sven

    Brand New to my brand New Tejon !?!

    I put this info guide for the Tejon together years ago. Might just help you out..................