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Recent content by umax

  1. U

    Coil Question

    Did Tesoro make a 4 inch 4 pin coil.
  2. U

    Web Site Help

    I can not find any web site that list all the deep tech detectors and accessories coils for each machine...Richard or Gary in the UK has little or none...
  3. U

    Mini Max

    How does the Mini perform under fluorescent lighting like the Warrior did in Richard's video.
  4. U

    Tejon And Vaquero

    Long time user of the Tejon and I used the Vaquero for a couple days. I see no difference in the operation of the Vaquero vs Tejon. You long time users of the Vaquero, what am I missing using the Vaquero.
  5. U

    Coil Question

    The 10 inch elliptical, is it a heavy coil to swing.
  6. U

    Troy Shadow X5 Question

    Anyone know the stock coil size selections for this detector.
  7. U

    Coil And Detector

    Sending your favorite coil with your favorite detector to the factory to be tuned with one another a good idea or just a waste of time and money...
  8. U

    Blank Check For Whites.

    Misses Clause has given me an early Christmas present, blank check to spend on a MXT or M6...The only criteria I look for in a detector, " Single Tone " and 90% of my hunting would be minimum discrimination. I have used the M6 and have yet the MXT...I live in southern Virginia where the soil...
  9. U

    Battery Question Tejon

    When inserting the two battery holders into the Tejon, is there a set way, or just insert the holders any which way.
  10. U

    Pro Question

    Blue & Gray Pro and the XL Pro one in the same detector.
  11. U

    5 Pin Tesoro

    What would be your favorite 5 pin non ground balance Tesoro. No reason needed. Some of you go over board with answers...Just name you favorite.
  12. U

    Teknetics Mark Question

    I have the 1 & 3 Mark and has there been a 4 or 5 inch coil that will work with these detectors.
  13. U

    Big Bud Pro Select 220 D

    This detector works in all functions perfect. With any type of coin on the ground it gets excellent depth. What I have noticed is, let's say it will detect a coin at 8 inches with the discrimination set to except Nickles and all other coins and the notch features off, after 8 inches or so, the...
  14. U

    Eliminator coil question

    Even though this coil was produced in 89, pairing it with any of the classic series or the idx pro be a good choice, or a detector from the time frame in which the coil was made, or does it matter.
  15. U

    Coil Repair Question

    I have the 4 pin cleansweep coil which has served me well for many years. Here lately it has become noisey along with false signals...Who at Tesoro would I contact to see if the problem can be fixed...