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Recent content by woodbutcher

  1. woodbutcher

    Compadre 7”

    Best coil made for the compadre imo. Average depth, 7 inches or so. But light and just the right size .
  2. woodbutcher

    Want to ask a question

    11 inch round stock coil
  3. woodbutcher

    Want to ask a question

    i was at a site today under some power lines, the big ones. Had the recovery speed on 9 and sensitivity at 27.. Was getting some chatter, not much but a some blips and beeps.. dropped sensitivity to 25, still getting feedback from the power lines.. figured I’ll deal with it.. started swinging...
  4. woodbutcher

    Want to ask a question

    xp Deus calls it reactivity, I’m guessing Nokta calls it recovery speed
  5. woodbutcher

    Want to ask a question

    I've read about high reactivity losing depth and although I can't say I'm digging 10 inch coins, I am digging the normal 7 to 8 inch coins but the unmasking is just great.. I don't whip my coil either, just a nice steady pace like always and coins don't make no short blip, when I hit a coin its...
  6. woodbutcher

    Want to ask a question

    I see a lot of guys give up they’re settings and I rarely see anyone run the reactivity past 6.. I run my reactivity at 9 or 10 always, and I step into hunted out place all the time and pull coins left and right . I have no doubt if I ran the reactivity at 5 or 6 I’d get skunked alot at these...
  7. woodbutcher

    Alternative grips for F75?

    Huh, that's one of the things I like most about the f75 is the grip.As the guys said above, you could use non stick tennis racket handle wrap , walmart sells a 3 pack for like $6. Ive used them alot and they're really good
  8. woodbutcher

    White's Spectra V3i cherry picking gold rings.

    The park is very old, easily from the late 1800s. Found quite a few large cents, old 1800s barbers , etc.. From what I understand before it was a park it was a meeting place for the schools, churches and stuff like small fairs way back in those days. After all those years of finding no gold that...
  9. woodbutcher

    White's Spectra V3i cherry picking gold rings.

    I had the m6 about 4 years ago. Nice machine and I liked it and would get another if I saw one decent priced. But I just feel the mxt is more machine, I can’t prove one is better than the other but I feel more confident in the mxt.
  10. woodbutcher

    White's Spectra V3i cherry picking gold rings.

    Last year I bought a couple mxt units, the mxt pro was my least favorite. I like the old original mxt units myself. I’m not sure people realize just how powerful these units are, or accurate. I know it’s been said , been over this area a thousand time and here’s what all my other machines...
  11. woodbutcher

    White's Spectra V3i cherry picking gold rings.

    I had a few v3i and vx3. Preferred the vx3 for the simplicity I've seen videos on YouTube on cherry picking rings with a v3i, if you look there you'll find them. Good luck
  12. woodbutcher

    I Cashed In. Called My Poker Hand. Sent "ALL" MY Gold To A Refinery For Cash!

    Wow, that's a chunk of change you got coming. Congrats
  13. woodbutcher

    What software is on new unit being shipped currently?

    Choppa, I asked two different dealers that same question last year, and both called the distributor and was told they couldn’t confirm the software on the machine I’d be sent…One dealer offered to have it sent to him, and install the software to whatever I wanted cause I literally suck at that...
  14. woodbutcher

    I am torn,,,, your thoughts?

    I’ve ran the 6 inch coil on the 600 and 800…My opinion is it don’t offer much on the 600 but on the 800 with the reactivity jacked upto 8 or 9 it does very very well...The 600 does well with the stock coil on unmasking , personally I think it’s a waste of loot to buy the 6 inch coil unless your...
  15. woodbutcher

    Simplex lower rod on the legand

    This is both ends of the simlex rod