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Recent content by woodbutcher

  1. woodbutcher

    Maybe you were there

    I recently bought a few tesoro machines from different individuals that aren't on the forums,as far as I know. One tesoro I bought was from a person that his father was a Tesoro dealer,and this one was his dad's personal machine. But anyhow, we messaged a few times and he gave me some insight of...
  2. woodbutcher

    XP Deus price

    eBay sucks but they're the only game in town if your really looking to move something like a metal detector. The market it so saturated with used machines of all makes and models that nothing has real value. I see some used machines up for sale at a price that I feel is good but I know the guy...
  3. woodbutcher

    Where to get a ground balance and threshold pot

    Threshold knob broke,the shaft
  4. woodbutcher

    Where to get a ground balance and threshold pot

    Thanks for the link. I spoke to him today, couldn't have been any nicer,or helpful. Very smart guy when it comes to tesoro machines,and fixing them. Going to ship the tesoro out to him for repair. Thanks again
  5. woodbutcher

    Where to get a ground balance and threshold pot

    Where would somone get a ground balance or a threshold potmr for a Tesoro? Are they universal, aftermarket or something else that'll work? Thanks . For a umax detector
  6. woodbutcher

    Looking at bigger Racer coils

    Anyone have any experience with the bigger Racer coils? I see a tornado, makro makes a big one too. Just looking, and seeing if anyone has experienced more EMI, better depth,etc . Thanks ...Also ,anyone got one catching dust let me know I might be interested in buying it..
  7. woodbutcher

    Vanquish 540 vs Nokta The Legend

    Legend. Just so much more machine for the money, and they're getting cheaper
  8. woodbutcher

    Multi Kruzer or Anfibio

    The stock round 11 inch coil from the anfibio will work on the multi kruzer.. I've had both, and use all the coils on them..In my Pennsylvania soil I saw no performance gain using the same coil, anfibio and multi kruzer are identical in my test bed anyhow. The 11'round coil will wake the kruzer...
  9. woodbutcher

    MGC coils

    This one will be listed in the classified if anyone is interested
  10. woodbutcher

    MGC coils

    The coil I've been looking at for the f75 it the detech arrow but so far I haven't seen any reviews..4x18 inches,I'll bet it's a vacuum for tot lots
  11. woodbutcher

    MGC coils

    Not sure,I looked them up but can't seem to find them for sale right now .. I sent you a message,if you can't find one get ahold of me,I'd probably let mine go..
  12. woodbutcher

    MGC coils

    It's a excellent coil,stable and deep at full sens. I do like the fact it's a closed coil for the woods,no hang ups on brush..I've used it quite a bit,got it this year..The f75 is just a beast with any coil but if you can get a 5x8 magic coil ,jump on it. They're fairly inexpensive compared to...
  13. woodbutcher

    MGC coils

    I have the 5x8 magic coil on my f75, and although I think it's a deep coil it feels heavier than the stock coil. I think it's epoxy filled
  14. woodbutcher


    Thanks for the reply, I just bought it and it'll be here this week. Never had a 3030 before, have alot of time on the explorer and etrac tho, so I'm hoping the transition will be smooth. It doesn't have any headphones,but does have the module so that's why I was curious about what headphones I...