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13.7 x 13 coil observations for Anfibio

Jeff in Pa

Well-known member
I bought the large coil a few weeks ago but only had it on the Anfibio for a few minutes and then put it away. I haven't been using the Anfibio lately simply because I enjoy my Equinox 800. So tonite I had an hour to kill and off I went to a very pounded area that keeps producing. It didn't take long till I got a nice deep repeatable that had the smooth coin sound. There was a little iron buzz in one direction but still very good and very deep. The PP depth said 12 inches. I can say I really like the feedback the Anfibio gives and pinpointing with it is spot on. At 10 inches was silver. Just a Rosie but none the less a deep coin that was easily discernable from the other sounds. This is my deepest silver to date in the few hours I have on my Anfibio multi.
The large coil does its job well and easily picked out an 8 inch wheat a few minutes later.
I personally have one gripe about the large coil, it's just too heavy for me at my age. I will not be keeping it but for those who don't mind the extra weight it's a great coil. The Anfibio handles it well and is not nose heavy at all with it I just prefer the feel of the stock coil.
Here's a pick of my carrot in the hole with the Rosie.


Jeff in Pa

Well-known member
The ID was bouncing some but it was still a very good signal, not something I would walk by.
I use 5 tones, the usual breaks that most coin hunters will use. I did have the sensitivity at 96. There is very little EMI in this area and the coil handled the high gain very well. I don't use any notch for 5 tones, I keep my nickels tight and high, jump to the low 60's for my next good area for Indians but you gotta watch out for the crusty zincs that will fall into the Indian range. Then I go up to the clad dime area and then full volume above that.


Active member
You’ve obviously taken the time to hammer all that out. Nice.
I’m still working with this multi kruzer and hoping to get as confident with it as I am the T2SE. I will say that in dense iron scenario like dozed homesite or plowed field, 3 tone with 89 gain is amazing.
Very much like the G2/goldbug in its separation and speed, maybe even as fast as the FA process on the T2. I have dug some deep bullets with the kruzer, I would say 10-11” being the deepest right now.
I’d say my worst issue so far is keeping it quiet when a simplex or anfibio is nearby. My buddies Anfibio will get ahold of my kruzer from dang 40 feet away. The anfibio won’t make a peep but the kruzer is goin ballistic. Yeah I can adjust things to get around it, but it still is there affecting performance to some degree. We hunt in some tight woods and 40 feet is about all we get to work with sometimes.
I’m loving it though. 4 tone seems to just light up the earth. It gives me zero confidence in 3 tone with any gain over 89. I like 3 tone 89. It fits a style I use often for homes sites. On 19khz it will pick up tiny non ferrous next to iron with stock 11x7. But 4 tone and 2 tone really show what’s in the dirt. 2 tone has found 10 CW bullets in 3 hours at a well hunted site.
Oddly enough 5 kHz gives the best target resolution on deep bullets and deep coins. I was really hoping deep mode in 19 kHz would really grab some deep bullets but it is nothing compared to 5khz.
To me 14khz is the odd ball in my dirt. I use the low or high more often. I would also like to mention that the ID in my soil is blank on coins after say 9” or so. I like hunting by whisper high tones though that have no ID so that works out. Sometimes I will dig hardly any holes, just listening for that one distinct sound of a deep high conductor, or low conductor for that matter.
sorry this was a ramble, but Im liking this machine and you just dont see that many posts any more about them.

Jeff in Pa

Well-known member
No problem with the ramble, I seem to do it alot.
I usually run 14 with mine. I have tested it on deep coins and 14 or 5 are so close that I run 14 just so my battery lasts longer. I would only switch to 5 if I had alot of small pieces of aluminum distracting me.
My soil is very mild and even my 11" coil will give a good ID at depth.
If any of your friends want a large coil I would love to trade for a KR24. The 9.5 x 5. Or I would sell it.