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2500 questions


New member
Hi, are one-way sounds (bell-tones) indicative of a good target? Also, what is the minimum sensitivity level one should run? As you can surely guess, I am new to this machine. I have found some square nails and an old door hinge, how can I estimate what era I am in, that is, when did square nail use cease to be? Thanks.....

Alan Applegate

New member
Maybe. I've noticed the effect on every metal detector I have ever owned, even the first BFO one I built in 1964. The orientation of the target, it's physical, and chemical makeup, all effect what the detector reports. And, it may be different between detectors, no matter the brand or model. That's part of the learning curve, which is always much more important than the detector itself.

When the effect happens repeatedly, I dig it. The most expensive coin I have ever found (a gold 2 1/2 piece) returned such a signal.

Lastly, even when you dig the target, and it is just junk, rescan the hole! It just may be that another target is under the junk causing the effect.

Alan Applegate


New member
Square nails are still in use and can be bought at the big box hardware stores and online. If you are digging rusted/deteriated square nails you are on an old site. HH JackinAustin


Staff member
They can be.....sometimes a coin not quite horizontal or a piece of junk close to the target. How to find out 100%? Dig costs you nothing. The imaging should at least rule out a large target like a tin can.

It's always best to dig iffy signals. Discrimination on any detector can be fooled.

Uncle Willy

New member
Yeah current square nails are for driving into concrete or cinder blocks, most often used to fasten firring strips to same.


Uncle Willy

New member
Do the "twitch" over one-way signals and they will often turn into good signals. Running your sensitivity at 6 or 6.5 works well in most areas.



New member
I love those weak one way signals. If they image at size A or B they are frequently a deep old coin. On my 2500 deep silver usually images as size A at two inches even when its down around 8 inches. Once I figured this out the silver coins began to pile up.