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2nd outing with F75se


New member
Finally got time to make a three hour hunt yesterday at an old spot that has a modern house on top of an antebellum era house. Really beautiful place with lots of huge old trees. A 1905 or 08 Indian was best find, but in terrible shape. Found lots of bottle caps, aluminum pieces, pull tabs (beaver tails and newer square ones). Was really disappointed as I found no brass or even lead slag.
But, I tried different setting on the machine. For now, I cant use the BP process,just to noisy for me. I did use DE process with 80 sensitivity and 6 disc. with four and two tones. I also use all metal motion once I got away from the house.
I have to say overall, I enjoyed my outing with the F75. I am sure I missed some targets or maybe confused myself, while trying different settings. For now, easiest on my ears is DE process, using as high sensitivity (even with some beeps and clicks) using two tones at an old site.
Also, this was with the large coil. I havent hunted with the small eliptical as yet. I am interested in the 6.5 concentric, may have to purchase that one down the road.

jim tn

Well-known member
John, on very trashy spots, I don't us the b p mode. That extra boost just sees to much on those trashy spots. Tall grass, brush and open fields is where the b p mode excels. Good luck, its a fun machine. HH jim tn


New member
I would use the DE mode for now, till you get the hang of it it. Run sen has high as you can stand it it. I normally run 4t and disc of 4or 5, real trashing areas I run 1t and a little more disc. 5" coil is a must ,it is a wicked set-up with the 75.
Check out Tom Dankowski site and look up compilations 1 and 2 great info.
His name doesn't spell out here? But you know who. Tom ___kowski


New member
Yes to the DE mode. Remember one important thing about this machine. You do not have to max out the sensitivity to get the most depth.
From what I've seen the deepest targets can still be heard with a sensitivity setting of 60. If it gets to chattery, lower the sens down. This is one of the best machines on the market right now.


New member
That little football coil is awesome where OLD Rusty Pop Tops are located....... Glad your enjoying the F75 SE..

Lookingforward to reading about more finds..hey.Don't be afraid to turn down the Sensitivity.and I agree 100% with what Jim Says too.

Neita SC

New member
I just received my new F75 SE today!!! Here's hoping that I can follow in the footsteps of Jim with all his great and unusual finds.
Great info above ref settings.
Thanks again to Bart for the great service and getting my F75 to me without delay and at a great price.


Well-known member
When I first got the F75, I read all the posts and wondered what hunters were saying when they stated it is 'noisy' or 'chatty', but in due time, one will get used to it. As I continued to use it, the pops, clicks, chatter that happens when running at higher sensitivity, seemed to become absorbed into the back round and I really did not hear it that much. Good targets rang out sharply and I wasn't stopping every 2-3 feet to investigate something that wasn't there ( the confidence level is the main thing...once you are confident that the machine is letting you know about all the ground conditions and 'stuff' in the ground via the noise, and will tell you point blank when there is a target to dig, you will get to the next level).

As stated by others, BP mode is not the mode to use in trashy areas, and running at lower sensitivity levels will not hurt.


Active member
Just to make life interesting... I have the opposite experience with de and bp modes. I find de noisier and harder to live with. For me bp slows and deepens the sounds and makes it easier to listen. It drives me nuts that the F75 gets ripped for being noisy. It is sensitive and powerful, what do you expect? It reacts to VERY SMALL metal and isn't that the idea? Absolutely use the small coils with trashy areas and EMI areas. Absolutely reduce SENS when it makes sense to do so- you have power to spare! Leave it in bp it just works better! If you don't think so, go back to de, but I don't think you will! So many users are brainwashed that running flat out is normal and therefore if a machine that has user accessible power to spare seems like something is wrong. You don't have to keep the gas pedal on the floor like a vintage VW!

Well, I feel better now.
:detecting: :thumbup:


New member
Hey guys, thanks for responding, yep, I got a lot of time to invest. I cant wait to get into the fields away from the modern trash to give BP a go. Nope, this machine has a home, I knew it the first time I used it. I do want to test drive the 6x3 coil. Ive got numerous places for it and the small double d.
Question for Tom. Are you running BP with the large coil also??? What kind of spots are you hunting??? I mean, are you hunting in fields at a skirmish/battle spot, old home places or old places loaded with modern trash?
The reason I ask, the only two spots Ive been on, were homes from the 1800s but modernized and loaded with all types of modern trash ( Im sure you know what I am talking about).
I just got started with this machine, and I know its a keeper. I dont do much park hunting. I love to hunt fields and old home spots,its just happened the first two spots Ive hit had the age;but, had been updated.
I just havent had the time to do everything I want to do, but I will.
And on the sensitivity, my first hunt, it was funny. It got really noisy over 60 to 70 and sometimes I had to drop to 50,,,,,but this spot was in town with a lot of power lines around and several undergound wires.
The second hunt, was in the country. I was able to run my sensitivity up to 80, and maybe more, but Im still getting use to it. So just wanted you guys to know, I do understand.
Just didnt understand the comments on BP being quieter than DE and would like to learn more about that.
I think that sums it up,maybe.
Was up for a hunt this coming Sunday but looks like rain in the forecast. I have to work Saturdays,sooo.
Thanks again,


New member
If your in and around a lot of power lines it will get a boatload of interferance. Reduce sen. and run thru your freq. shift and find one that settles down the most. Sometimes you just have to move to another spot because it will not settle down. I run my sen between 80 to 85 most of the time,sometimes in the 70's depends on your site. I have used the standard f75 for 3 years and the guys I hunt with have the SE. they run in boost mode 100% of the time. They say it is a little quieter.
I hit a 8" barber dime a few weeks ago with sens set on 82,cranked it down to 50 would not hit.(dry ground). didn't get a good hit till I got up to 75,so yes, run it as hot as your site will allow. Some people are brainwashed into running everything to tame. Once you get comfortable with your machine, play with your dics settings this can help with some of your noise also.


Active member
I find boost holds the tones a bit longer so its easier to listen to. I mostly use the 5 DD coil. I don't use the 11 that much, but I have used it more lately. I hunt mostly coins in city dirt and beach hunting (dry sand w/ F75se). Not a lot of battle sites on the Central Coast of California (half way between LA & SF). I have less than half a dozen finds between 1910 and 1900.