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A simple answer for 'tnbwilson' on VDI numbers.


Well-known member
You posted this under Guvner's into comments so I moved it to the discussion forum.

Just picked up the Simplex w/ some Garrett MS2 headphones and the regular Nokta pinpointer. So far I am enjoying it. Was wondering if there is a VDI chart number by chance and any hints tips on hunting just on my homestead, settings, and which mode works best. I understand Park just uses a 3 tone method, I guess for ferrous, mid level notches, and high notches. Does that mean I should primarily just dig on the mid/high tones?
Sorry very new to metal detecting so hope these aren't frequent questions you might get.
I bought my 2nd Simplex + last Wednesday and have to say they are very imprsseive detectors. When accessory coils are released I'll be outfitted and good-to-go. Now, for VDI number and what we, the forum readers, do not know:

1.. What country you are in to determine the coins to be tested. Most likely here in the USA, but we have followers from all around the globe so we like clarification.
2.. What types of sites you are, or plan to, search to know the trash content level.
3.. Typical coin-depths you are recovering at.

I'm here in the USA, living in Eastern Oregon but detecting all over wherever I travel, so my main interest for VDI numeric read-out wowuld be USA coins. I like to know how a typical coin, laying in a relatively flat-to-the-coil orientation, might read if positioned from surface to a depth of about 4"-5" in 'average' soil. That is the typical depth of most lost coins, and it is simple to determine the numeric VDI by using a few specimen sample coins and waving them past the search coil (completely past the search coil) in a 'flat' orientation, at different coil-to-coin distances. Then plaace the coins on the ground and sweep completely across them at a coil height of 2", 3", 4 5", et. and note the VDI read-out.

Once you know the VDI's of the coins "in air" as well as "on-the-ground" with some ground mineral signal factored in, just take the Simplex out detecting. Listen for a good audio response, check the approximate coin depth and note the VDI, then carefully recover the target. Note both the coin depth and orientation or position. You then get some ideas of the "in-ground" VDI potential.

This should be done in a relatively clean, metal-free area such as a wide-open grassy park. Keep in mind the VDI read-outs are likely not going to be lock-on accurate if:

• A coin is canted or at some off angle.
• Two or more coins are close together or close enough to cause a 'blended' response from both coins.
• A coin is close to some other metal object, especially some type of ferrous junk, which is going to partially mask a good audio and / or visual read-out.
• The ground mineral make-up is challenging, such as black sand, pea gravel, small rocks, well wetted, or in an alkaline or saline condition.

Six of my current either Regular-Use Detectors feature visual Target ID as well as audible Tone ID, but in the majority of the sites I hunt, I very seldom make use of the numeric TID because I hunt ghost towns, homesteads, pioneer and military encampments where I am dealing with an immense amount of dense metal debris, mostly ferrous in nature. I keep my Disc. low, even on my Simplex +, so I hear Iron Nails or perhaps all Iron, and rely on Iron Audio Volume except in the Beach mode. I listen for a potentially good target audio response and work toe recover the target. Then, once recovered, I can identify the worth of my found target .... "Your Eyes, the Only 100% Accurate Forum of Discrimination."

The exception to that search method is when I am hunting a wide-open park and for that I like my Simplex + w/stock 11" DD coil since there is very little target masking going on. Just take a few minutes to gather some of your commonly-found coins do some sampling as I described, and note the VDI range of the different denomination, then get out hunting. You'll learn.

Mode Choices and Design:

Yes, the two Park modes, using version 2.76 and 2.77, are a 3-Tone mode. The Ferrous range are the first 3 Disc. segments and produce the Low-Tone Iron Audio, and the Iron Audio Volume can be adjusted in Field, Park 1 and park 2 modes. There is a mid-Tone for a mid-conductivity range and a High-Tone for the higher-Conductivity range. Park 1 is geared more for a tone-break in Park 1 for US coins and Park 2 is a bit different and you might call it more on an 'international' Tone Break range.

Personally, I do most of my hunting in Park 1, Field and Beach modes. Field is a 2-Tone mode, providing Ferrous low-tone and a High-Tone for non-Ferrous and it employs a VCO audio enhancement. The Beach mode, as delivered, is a 1-Tone mode with the higher Tone as the first Ferrous Disc. segments are notched out. Until I change it that is how my new 2nd Simplex is. On my first Simplex + I am accepting ALL Disc. segments so I do have the 2-Tone audio. However, by design, we do not have Iron Audio Volume adjust for the Beach mode so when it gets too bothersome I opt for the Field mode where I keep my Iron Audio Volume at '1'.

You say you are "new to detecting" and I welcome you to a great sport. I'm not new, or new to detecting, and am in my 3rd month of my 56th year of detecting and have to tell you the Simplex + is a terrific value, giving us a product that is simple, yet efficient in performance and design. Rest assured you have a very good detector, and it can only be enhanced with the release of some good accessory coils.



New member
Thank you so much for the reply. I am in the upper northeast section of Tennessee and will be starting out on our own 1900 homestead then move to other family members from there.


Well-known member
Thank you so much for the reply. I am in the upper northeast section of Tennessee and will be starting out on our own 1900 homestead then move to other family members from there.
Thanks for the reply. It sounds like you have a great start with some potential sites at-hand. Best of success to you!



New member
What software version are you using on your Simplex Monte?


Well-known member
What software version are you using on your Simplex Monte?
I have two (2) of the Simplex + devices. My 'original' I have had since the day before Thanksgiving (here in the USA) and I updated it to 2.76. I have been enjoying it on those times I have had a spare few minutes to hunt the wide-open city park with the 11" DD coil. I really like the New Park 1 program and have my settings saved for it. Currently that is my primary-use search mode for trashier sites such as around the very littered picnic bowery areas, etc. My 2nd Simplex + I bought from 'Kickindirt' on June 3rd when in Nevada on our 12th WTHO. It is set-up with Version 2.77 which I really like. There's only the small changes to 2.77 and I am just fine with 2.76, but I do like the 'mute' option and might update my earlier model to 2.77 as well.

I would have used the Simplex + on the Outing, but still don't have any smaller-size coils for them. If I get a 5X9½ DD open-frame coil it will go on one Simplex + and I'll use that in the modestly littered old sites I enjoy hunting, as well as a lot of urban locations.. Many of the older sites are mainly contaminated with Iron Nails, and when those are the main problem trash, I like using the 'Beach' mode because I accept everything in all the Disc. mods and like to hear 'occasional' Iron trash. I especially like the 'High-Tone'. It is the Park mode's mid-tone and is very pleasant and lacks the VCO enhancement of the Field mode. When Iron litter gets to be annoying, then I switch to Field or park 1 to take advantage of their Iron Audio Volume control.

Version wise, I have absolutely no interest in the newest move to go backwards, so-to-speak. The 2.76 and 2.77 updates are really quite nice and push the Simplex + to an even higher-level of attractive features and performance, especially for the $$$ invested. I just need a 5" DD for the Simplex + more than any other coil they could make. A 5" DD is an absolute 'must-have' for hunting the very littered sites that many of us enjoy frequenting.