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Another great big silver and gold weekend with XP Deus tokens!


Well-known member
I started out Friday afternoon for a couple hours at the older school where I got the gold opal ring last week,
I was hunting the edge of the baseball field when I had a nice really deep faint high tone I knew to dig it that turned out to be a 1964 Washington and right next to it I had a very similar signal another 1964 Washington I also pulled two silver dimes from that school a old pocket knife and buckle also from the school
Saturday I hunted another school which produce two silver Roosevelts in these really neat tokens that say XP Deus prize token on them !!!
I found four in the front yard along with 2 silver rosies!
Crazy I know lol I just bought a Deus!!!
I also got the English penny there also .
I did not detect Sunday I had a surprise birthday for my mom made her dinner.
Monday back to the school for another silver Rosie .Today I just got back from a hunt where I found the 1956 Franklin half in a open space field a screaming 33-35 signal and the war nickel also found there the ring is 10 I found that this AM in a school yard..Another incredible weekend!
Anyone know anything about the XP Deus tokens please let me know thanks ..
1956 Franklin half
Silver quarters 1964
1941 mercury
4 rosies
2 1959
1 1958
1 1964
War nickel 1945
Using equinox field 2
Sensitivity 20-25
No discrimination


  • E4DB47F2-DF59-40A5-B80C-4E9D5D24B240.jpeg
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  • 73E5376C-DB8B-4D53-9E97-041943DAD088.jpeg
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Well-known member
Wow, that would definitely be a two beer day for me!!!! Nice!!!!!’n


Active member
A nice bunch off coins. The Franklins are always a special treat to find.


Well-known member
Thanks guys I traveled a bit to a new school about a half hour away but most of the finds were pretty local.
The half came from the field I found a Morgan dollar in last April they mow it the same time every spring so it’s part of a college property where people walk..So when they mow I try to detect it..


Staff member
That’s one heck of a haul Mark. Great finds. 😁


Well-known member
That’s one heck of a haul Mark. Great finds. 😁
Thanks Mike come to find out the school I found the XP tokens at were placed by CT Todd and Andy they had a boot camp there for Deus and CTX they missed two silver rosies nearby also goes to show you no place is hunted out.