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Back on the river 19 silvers! Lots of barbers! Dime trifecta!

Mark kus

Well-known member
Hit the old spot again and the moon low tide was just what I needed to uncover more coins! I was able to get out farther this spot is tough to wade and dig just too many big rocks so I use only a shovel.
The total was 5 barber dimes 8 mercury dimes 3 rosies 2 barber quarters 1898 1912 one Washington 1951 5 Buffalos 2 v nickels a 1883 Indian? a few musket balls not much clad which is a good thing .
We dug over 50 silvers from this spot just not shiny like coins out of the soil.
Equinox 800
Beach 2
Recovery 7 most coins are shallow and lots of metal
Sensitivity 2
Iron 0
No discrimination


  • EBCDA3F4-76CF-4222-AF44-F79D6514B278.jpeg
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  • 5885A3B2-70C2-4AD7-9E77-B2B84D47EB36.png
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  • 45B51DFD-901A-4D1E-9472-E43FD5A1A605.png
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  • 1C352829-22CC-4020-8F7F-46EC49AB6E68.png
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  • AE962D84-3319-4306-B235-0BBF55F85A9D.jpeg
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  • 6E0F3868-2938-4791-862B-3E54390CA84C.jpeg
    2 MB · Views: 127


Well-known member
Wow!! It’s polluted with old coins 😮😮 Look at all those silvers! 😳😳 You had one heck of hunt!


Well-known member
So with that much silver under the water, wouldnt it have been easier to fly low level over the area, hang your detector out, and when it went all Shozbot just jump out and grab?????😂😂
Damn that would be fun!!!’

Mark kus

Well-known member
Nice haul of old silver Mark !!! That was definitely worry the extra effort…
Thanks yes lots of household items this used to be a old yacht club I’ve found out obviously never detected and the hurricane of 1938 wiped out lots of homes in this area.
Lots of coins were sitting on the surface at low time one nice Barber quarter a 1883 or 93 Indian in the photo so I knew it had never been detected still more there I’m waiting until the fall.