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Best Bang for the $$$ in a Nokta?

Hello to everyone & yes it's been awhile since I've posted on Findmall ... or done any detecting for that matter.
So, I'd like to hear from everyone with some time in on their Nokta's & give me your pro's & con's about them because I've never hunted with one & not sure which one to try.
I need to get back at it again & the exercise sure want hurt me either. I typically relic hunt, hit old sites for coins & such & the river banks & beaches when time allows.
Suggestions on models & why would be appreciated.
Thanks & stay safe ... Mike


Value wise, a used Impact.
3 frequencies to choose from, and 12 different modes.
Many coil options to choose from.
Flagship performance too.


Well-known member
The best all around with loads features, modes and coil choices Anfibio-Multi.
Agree with Dave, a used Impact with a couple coils.

Tom Slick

Active member
I've had and used the Impact, Anfibio Multi, and the Multi Kruzer. I preferred the Anfibio and MMK to the Impact and they are both waterproof. If you'd like new and don't want to spend too much, the Simplex+ offers a lot of features for the money. Performance wise it's not up to par with the other three but for $255 to $335 (with wireless headphones), it's nearly impossible to beat. Waterproof also.

Fearless Freep

New member
I have the MMK and even after 3 years, consider it my primary detector. It does take some getting used to all the various settings but it is well worth learning. Lightweight and waterproof, you can't beat these models.
I have had the Multi Kruzer (actually my favorite, but when the Anfibio came out, I traded for the Anfibio. Wish I would have kept the MMK)), the Anfibio Multi (too heavy for this 70 year old but a very capable detector) and currently have the Simplex+WHP( I also have the PulseDive and the EZ Wander Wireless Module which are really great to have as they work perfectly) I am staying with the Simplex+WHP. I use the XP Deus as my main detector and love it, so the Simplex+WHP is my backup detector and I really do hot have need for any other detectors. I do not use the Simplex+WHP a lot, as I stated that my main detector is the Deus, but I am really impressed with the abilities of the Simplex+. For the money, the Simplex+ has no equal. My oldest son has began to detect with me and although he has not used any other detector, he uses my Simplex+ and for someone brand new to the hobby, finds a lot of goodies and loves the Simplex+. He has plans on purchasing one in the near future.


Well-known member
Mike, glad to welcome you back to the Forums and detecting. :thumbup:

I'll try to be brief, and I can tell you I've had them all, liked things about each for various reasons, and while I do have other units in my detector outfit, folks who know me also know that my 'get serious' Relic Hunting devices for ghost towns and all sorts of old-use places with really challenging iron trash contamination are my favored Nokta / Makro products. Some are current and some discontinued, but all of them worth owning and using. Here's what I rely on:

FORS CoRe w/4.7X5.2 DD (the 'OOR' coil) one of my 'always travel' detectors is great for working in the very dense-trash sites with a lot of target masking.
FORS CoRe w/5X9½ DD. I like this mid-sized open-frame coil or working 'fringe areas' or for 'scouting' unknown areas and places with low to modest trash

FORS Relic w/5" DD can serve the same applications as the CoRe w/'OOR' but I prefer it at times for the higher 19 kHz frequency, and the Iron Audio Volume in ferrous trash.

Impact w/7" Concentric because I benefit from the Concentric coil's handling of some things like rusty tin. Also a great 'fringe -area' or 'scouting-unit' device.

Simplex + w/11" DD ... simply because we don't have smaller coils for it yet. I also grab it for some 'scouting' or open places like plowed fields, pasture or range land.

With the CoRe, Relic and Impact units I have them saved to turn-on in 3-Tone which I use at most typical sites due to the dense amount of mixed-metal trash. When working areas such as torn-down or burned-down structures or behind general stores and similar places where some uncrating took place and the predominant metal junk is Iron Nails, or other locations with other wire-iron type trash, I opt for the 2-Tone mode. I also prefer 2-Tone in 'fringe-are' searches, for 'scouting' unknown territory and wide-open land. On these models I keep my Discrimination set low enough to just barely accept Iron Nails.

With my Simplex + I have my settings saved so I turn-on in the Beach mode because I prefer the Non-VCO audio, especially on mid-depth to deeper targets I encounter. This is a 2-Tone mode and I have my Discrimination, in all three Discriminate modes, set to Accept everything so I can 'hear-it-all' in my searches. If I move into an area that is too trashy, especially shallower trash, I switch to the 3-Tone Park mode, or if I encounter too much Iron debris that it gets annoying I'll switch to the Filed mode and take advantage of the Iron Audio Volume control set at '1'.

When using the Simplex + right now I am in more open areas and away from people and just rely on the built-in speaker.

With my CoRe, Relic and Impact models, I especially like them because I can change the batteries as desired or as needed and use AA Alkaline or AA NiMH if rechargeable. Also, I mainly use my favorite corded headphones and they have the headphone jack positioned in the 'proper' location, at the rear of the device.

I do have additional search coils for all except the Simplex, for now, that I keep in an Accessory Coil Tote should they be needed. I do plan to acquire another FORS Relic and it will keep the 5X9½ DD open-frame coil mounted so I don't have to do coil-swaps when afield. Like my two CoRe devices, I just grab the detector/coil combination I feel fits the needs when I get out at a site. Yes, the CoRe and Relic were discontinued, but that didn't stop mine from working, and they work quite well. I'll put them up against any of the more 'modern' offerings in the really tough and challenging sites I plant myself in.



Well-known member
Well, the best bang for the buck may now just be the Simplex. The new update was just released and Nokta listened and given what guys wanted......

Thanks to ALL for their time to respond, it's very much appreciated.
I looked around the Findmall forums before posting again & was pleasantly surprised to see some names that I became familiar with way back in 2005 after joining Findmall.
Much like Monte, James/Texas, Sven, Tom Slick & others here I have been detecting for many years before Findmall started up, but for personal & health reasons I had to give it a break & wait for a better time.
So with that said, it's been 2 years since swinging a coil. I sold & or gave away most of my equipment so basically I'm just starting over again.
Some of you may have read my WTB ad I put up. Unfortunately within a few hours of posting it I got notice of a dear friend passing away & felt compelled to help out his family financially.
Basically I'm forced to wait a little longer until my "extra funds" build up again, my wife was diagnosed with MS a few years ago so we count pennies here sometimes.

For those that don't know me, I truly love this hobby & I've field tested a lot of detectors during their development for various companies & a bunch of related products over the years.
The sheer weight alone on some of the PI machines I field tested to their marketing dates just about ruined my elbow, shoulder & wrist ... & the rest of my body is quick to remind me of the years of abuse I put it thru while earning a living in the motorcycle industry !

Every detector has it's pro's & cons. I really favor multi frequency units for most of my detecting, I've put literally thousands of in field hours on various FBS series.
Hopefully Nokta will build one in the future that runs them simultaneously without it weighing a ton., what are the possibilities of that happening?
So I'm asking myself, do I wait & save a few extra bucks again & get something like the Impact, Kruzer, Anfibio or go ahead & get a Simplex + for right now?
At least with the Simplex + it comes highly recommended & I could get a feel for the Nokta line & be out detecting again pretty quick !



Well-known member
Just a bit of Detector Outfit Update:

I did NOT add a new Nokta / Makro device.

However, I kind of DID add a new Nokta / Makro unit to my working Outfit because this past Saturday I did the Simplex + 'update' which is something I usually am not thrilled in doing. However, the Simplex + was already a really nice detector with a lot of adjustment functions, especially for its modest price. Well, NOW it is almost like a whole new detector. One added search mode, that I really like, and several other feature changes or updates that make it very impressive.

I'm just hoping they get some smaller-size coils on the market quickly! I leave for a 10-day travel and Welcome-to-Hunt Outing with a bunch of folks, and will be puling out about May 28th. I'm really hoping to have a 5" DD and / or 7" Concentric by then for the Simplex +. This model has so much potential it just needs the smaller-size coils to enhance its versatility.

I agree, Monte. By the way, they have released v2.77 to address wired headphone volume and add a mute button. I truly think the Simplex+ will set the bar for all other metal detector manufacturers and in the end will benefit all in this great hobby.


New member
I agree, Monte. By the way, they have released v2.77 to address wired headphone volume and add a mute button. I truly think the Simplex+ will set the bar for all other metal detector manufacturers and in the end will benefit all in this great hobby.
Amen to that !


Well-known member
The Simplex + HAS set-the-bar for all the competition. Now, if they would get a couple of good smaller-size coils out for it, that will raise the bar even higher!