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Best (cheapest) place to get the PRO PACK?


Well-known member
Back to some of the questions asked about the start of this post…….

My first finds pouch was a Carhardt nail pouch. Had a snap put on one side so good finds stayed in when bending down and had the hammer loop cut and snapped for my digging tool.
Places like Home Depot have so many different style/size, belts/pouches for tools you can be very creative and customize to fit your style as you did.
A seamstress can also custom make make one with just a little fabric and a couple zippers probably for close to the same price you pay for a generic with a manufacturer name on it 👍
This industry seems to only creat a basic one size/style fits all that is relatively inexpensive to make and many times thrown in as a package deal and overly expensive by itself. Trying to find one you like without the name of another brand is also challenging.
Just find a biker, many have a person they use to customize leather vests, seats, etc and can easily make you one.
If it were a bigger industry Id make my own and market them but having the pouch with a built in holder for a pin-pointer is a great idea.
I actually use a nylon adjustable clip close tool belt from Home Depot,easily put around my waist and attach the pin pointer holster and lesche holster on it. With just a click put everything on or take off. Pouches usually just one with a carabiner that attaches where desired


Well-known member
Ive never been good at writing love letters if thats what you want.
Sorry sweetie, you're not my type.
Again, i could be looking at this wrong.
You're not. Nokta screwed up, they should've made sure that all dealers are on board and ready for this promo before announcing it. The way they rolled it out hurts both them and the dealers.
Just like the dealer that sent me a broken item and then just washed his hands of it.
As I've said before, I understand both sides of your favorite pet peeve. That is unfortunate, but inevitable side effect of bargain shopping.
One big problem that I have is the fact that if a company is out there that undersells the other companies, then the other companies get jealous, and make a big stink out of it because they want to make more money on the sale…..
I'm old enough to remember when Whites machines had no price tag, whether retail or online… You had to inquire to learn the price.
I’m sure if one were to sit and look at it longer further modifications could be made to make it work better.
I used to put a bunch of 1/4" rivets at the bottom of pouches that were not purpose built, just to drain water and sand. Another mod that I do to all of my pouches (including purpose built) is adding a hi-vis paracord with large knots to the zipper pulls. Much easier to operate while wearing gloves.


Well-known member
Trying to find one you like without the name of another brand is also challenging.
Why would you care? "Gray Ghost" label could be safety hazard if you're detecting on a college campus next to Antifa hot spot… but other than that, I see no reason to even try to cosplay a "sponsored athlete".


Well-known member
I custom make a lot of my accessories out of Sunbrella material…It’s tough, light weight, and waterproof….I also buy nylon webbing and plastic clips to make my own harnesses….A lot of manufacturers products don’t fit me…I’m a little guy at 275 lbs ..😱…Luckily Grandma taught me how to sew when I was a kid !

…on a side note….the back pack that Nokta sells actually DOES fit me with no modifications !….Great job Nokta !