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Best find ever

Herb Jones

New member
Mkus said:
I just started this year to detect again after 30 years my best find was at a beach park
A 1911 half gold eagle once mounted on a money clip!!!
Story is above in etrac forum 2 page.
It was 3 months after I got my etrac all i can say is minelab for me!
I have yet to find anything remotely that cool...never found a single piece of golf of any kind.


Well-known member
My best find so far! Looking for a $20.00 now.


Well-known member
Sometimes my best finds in my head are not the ones worth the most or oldest but the ones recovered from the most difficult sites under the most challenging conditions.
Still, I have many and I can't choose because they all thrilled me equally and I will list a few because I consider all of them my best equally in each category.

I have found lots of silver jewelry and about three dozen gold targets and all great but these are the standouts, gold is and will probably always be my favorite kind of target to find.

In jewelry a white gold 14k channel wedding ring with 9 very nice SI1 rated bagguets and SI2 round diamonds..overall about 3/8 carats and SI2 taken in a group.
Worth between $1400-$1600 new by appraisal and at least $600-$800 if sold on the street.

A 22k gold ring from India...marked 916.

A small ring worn inside so not marked but I suspect is a very old heirloom ring with an actual natural pearl so made before the perfect cultured pearl era.
Testing I can only go up to 22k and it tested fine but it is unusually soft and pliable so I believe this is actually my only 24k find...something so rare in this country I never dreamed I would ever come across something like this.

A large 14k religious medallion found in extreme trash and in a park that is considered totally hunted out by most around here, versions half the size go for $300-$400 on discounted jewelry websites so I have no idea what it actually is worth.
This one has the distinction of being the only piece of gold offered to my wife that she rejected because it us too big and gaudy...which shocked me.

Coins, I found a real beat up 1875 seated dime in one of the most difficult areas of that hunted out park but my favorite coin from this park shocked me...a beautiful 1922 Peace dollar.

In Kansas on a club hunt at a private site that is usually off limited my oldest coin an 1865 2 cent which is fantastic but the condition shocked everyone that saw it on this hunt.

In relics I have found a few 3 ringers but this case shot cannonball tops them all.

Herb Jones

New member
Very nice collection.. did you know what the cannon ball was when you dug it? I have never seen one... that's a great find. Love the peace dollar also.


Well-known member
Herb Jones said:
Very nice collection.. did you know what the cannon ball was when you dug it? I have never seen one... that's a great find. Love the peace dollar also.
Not a clue...thought it was just an odd find, who in the world would make a small iron ball, I thought.
I almost threw it away after this hunt.
Then two weeks later I threw it up on a forum just to see if anyone had a clue and immediately several relic hunters came back and said case shot or grape I know grape shot is bigger.
Still shocked I found it.
Just making conversation. If you
Don't like my question, then
Move along, but don't
Bust my balls because a question was asked
In a way that is not to your liking. If you want to join in on the conversation then
Please do... if not then piss off.
No one is asking for gps
Coordinates to your favorite spot,


Active member
So far my best find was a Platinum Tiffany & Co. PT950 ring that retails for $1700. This was found several weeks ago in the dry sand at the beach.