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Beware counterfeits! Buy only through authorized distribution!

Dave J.

New member

It's illegal to import counterfeits.
If you buy one, you don't actually own it since it's the embodiment of stolen property -- OUR (First Texas Products) property.
Any counterfeit metal detector that arrives at the factory for repair or whatever, will NOT be returned. .


Well-known member
Thanks for posting this. This is probably the worst counterfeit "anything" I have ever seen. All looks but nothing works. I bet his counterfeit Teknetics hat probably dissolved in the rain. :)


It makes me terribly sad to see the comments on that video defending some of the Chinese knockoffs as "perfect copies" that work as intended.

Even if that is the case (which I do not believe it is) is stolen information that was used to create it. Copyrights were broken. Absolute theft - and people defend it. Bonkers.


New member
The notoriously poor enforcement in China of intellectual property rights is one of the main issues raised by Trump in imposing tariffs on Chinese goods.

Whenever some bright spark puts his First Texas products on one of the non-Chinese websites, a “takedown” notice is sent and it gets removed. China - another story.

Software is protected by copyright. Copyright lasts way longer than patent protection, so it’s copyright law that cases are brought under - in civilized countries.

Dave J.

New member
[size=large]Reverse engineering and then selling a product using the knowledge thus gained may or may not be ethical depending on the circumstances. In most cases however it's legal. The ethical use of reverse engineering is basic to the advancement of the art and we neither apologize for doing it nor do we expect competitors to do so.

Software is usually protected by common law copyright, and protection is strengthened by registration. In general, to copy and then sell it comprises theft of IP.

The function of a product is often covered by a "utility patent". If it is, to copy and then sell it comprises theft of IP.

The "look and feel" of a product is often protected by a "design patent". If it is, to copy and then sell it is theft of IP.

In a few cases the "look and feel" is so distinctive and so closely identified in the market with a particular manufacturer's product, that it may be regarded as a common law trademark. If people are buying a knockoff product believing on the basis of "look and feel" that they are getting the real thing, the customer has been defrauded and de facto trademark infringement has occurred.

Then there's things that everyone recognizes as a trademark, for example the names "Teknetics" in connection with metal detectors and "T2" in connection with Teknetics de jure or de facto trademarking. Those automatically have common law protection, and registration of such trademarks improves their enforceability. Their unauthorized use comprises theft of property, and in addition comprises fraud committed against the customer.

The distribution of products is often governed by commercial contracts, hence the phrase "authorized dealer". In general, the end customer is not a party to the contract and has committed no offense by purchasing the product outside the chain of authorized distribution. However the end customer often thereby forfeits certain benefits that may accrue from the use of authorized distribution, for example in relation to warranties. In addition, if counterfeit products exist, the risk of purchasing a counterfeit product via authorized distribution is virtually zero. Therefore if an end user desires the benefits of purchasing through authorized distribution, it is the responsibility of that end user to determine that the seller is part of the authorized distribution chain. In most cases the circumstances will make it fairly obvious whether or not a seller is so authorized. If there is doubt, the prospective buyer can inquire from a reliable source (for example the manufacturer or a website known to be under contract with the manufacturer) whether or not a seller is an authorized dealer.[/size]


Active member
I'll tell you what, my nephew is a politically liberal young man who studied and then lived in China for almost 10 years.

He told me the one thing he agrees with Trump on is China. He says they are coming after us hard and they are ruthless. The government controls everything and everybody there. Dissent is not allowed. The vast majority of citizens are OK with this because their standard of living has improved with creature comforts they never had in the past.

For many years our government and many businesses have conveniently looked the other way in exchange for getting access to their huge market.

I am not a Trumper but I'll give him credit for having the cajones to do the politically unpopular and finally stop kicking the can down the road. Too bad so much damage has already been done.

On a totally unrelated note, great to see you posting, Dave. Hope you are doing well!


Thanks for the reminder on those T2's_Goodness knows what they are up to now as that video is a few years old -

YET another reason to buy Teknetics Products from an Authorized Dealer

I also agree that counterfeits / fakes / copies are not a good thing but does ALL the blame squarely rest on China alone?

The following list is JUST ONE PERCENT of US Corporations who manufacture in China

It only took ONE to go there first_Corporate greed quickly followed

So how does it all work if Trump does bring back the manufacturing to US soil again? - Will the products be more expensive than they are now?

Will US workers be paid sweatshop wages for working the lines? - Honestly, how can this all be reversed without Americans suffering?


New member
No Teknetics T2 was ever manufactured in China. The pirate copies are theft.

I think that “thou shall not steal” is written somewhere.

Yes, US corporations have a lot on their conscience for outsourcing previous US production to low cost Far Eastern countries, not lowering their sales prices, and pocketing the excess profits.

Teknetics is totally innocent of this - they never did it...

Don’t blame the victim!


New member
Fake T2’s or other First Texas products? Not likely from Walmart, but if you have any actual data or references please post them otherwise the wind blows. If you post any actual references - prompt take down actions will be instituted by first Texas Products in El Paso and the ads will go away.

Otherwise well perhaps this is just something you heard ... Way too much about this – well I heard… around these days.

Put up or…

Provide a link - or slink.