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Big Silver Exposed / Old Detailed Cross / 1917 Dog License Tag


Well-known member
Hey Elmy,
Yes, that has to be asphalt as I cant break it part. I probably should probably check the date as the wheat penny is probably an older one.
Thanks for looking..

What is the coin in the asphalt or old cement / stone piece ?
OK.... I blew it up and can see it and also re-read your description of it .....
excellent finds with the etrac !


Well-known member
Thanks Mark!
Always fun to get Indians and older mercs. Did you ever hit that old mill site yet you were mentioning ?
Great finds Dave wish I had as much time as I used to to hunt .
I stopped at a small hidden park last night on my way home and pulled a 1897 Indian and a 1928 merc real quick super deep was the merc 10” and a very old flat button so I’m going Saturday to give it more time.


Well-known member
Hey Ron, Yes, it was a good way to end the day pulling that old cross. The 1900 dime is a plain mint.
Wow, that had to feel good at the end of the day. I see the 1900 Barber but not the back. O mint has some value, I found that out when looking up S mint from a week ago!!!! Love your pictures!!!!


New member
Nice hunting as usual! You sure are one of the best and most committed hunters out there. It's always surprising to me how deep the etrac can get in auto sensitivity.


Well-known member
Nice assortment of finds. What do buffalo nickels ring up for you?


Well-known member
Thanks guys!
For the question from Highlifter1000, what do buffalo nickels ring up for you: there a lot of variations to that answer.
Most normally fall in the 11/12-13 & 11/12-14 range. The real deep ones 9-10+ will have a wider range of numbers (mostly wider and lower range on the ferrous side).
I have dug some super deep ones with a ferrous number down to 7.
If they are really worn the conductivity number is lower e.g. 12-12 even 11 and great depth will make the range wider.
If iron or trash is skewing the numbers they could be all over the board but I always dig based on sound first.