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New member
Mr LongHair if you would please give me the Pros and Cons of these Two Coils.
I am not Happy at all with the 5x10 18.75coil and only have Money for one other. I am looking at the 10.5 DD and the 9" concentric each at 7.5 KHZ.
the only thing I like about the 5X10 is the way it pinpoints. it will just have to stay in the Box untill I hit some States with Gold
Thanks for any info you can give.

Old Longhair

Crazy Ol' Foole
Staff member
First things first.
I'm going to direct you to a series of blog articles that Randy wrote on coil selection. Then, if you have more specific questions that aren't covered in the articles I can help with, I'll be happy to give it a shot.
Randy's insight into all things Xterra is pure gold, and well worth the read.

Which X-TERRA coil is best for me? part 1

Which X-TERRA coil is best for me? part 2

Which X-TERRA coil is best for me? part 3,1679283,1679283#msg-1679283

Old Longhair

Crazy Ol' Foole
Staff member
Okay. The first thing that I consider is soil makeup. Are the minerals present primarily magnetic, or are they conductive? What sort or GB numbers do you see with Tracking turned ON?
What sort of targets are you looking for most? Are you going after high conductors like silver and copper, or are you looking for low conductors like gold or lead?
What's the trash density like? Is it sparse, or is there a lot to sort through?
How much time can you devote to the sites you're hunting? Can you spend several afternoons there, or is it a one shot deal?
How deep do you want to go? How deep do you think you need to go to get to the targets you're looking for?
These are all questions I go over in my own deliberation about what coil to select.

Of the two coils you've mentioned, I would most likely choose the 10.5" 7.5kHz DD. IMO, everyone should have one in their arsenal. The way that the Xterra is designed and programmed the MF coils in general are the most honest and the best "all around" frequency for general detecting. The 10.5" DD tends to typically run pretty close to the same depth as the 9" CC, but with the added advantage of better separation, and better performance where higher mineralization is a factor. It's biggest drawback is it's weight (a bit heavier than the 9"), and it's not being waterproof (should you desire submerging it).

One other thing to note about the 10.5" coils, is that they don't balance on the end of the shaft like the others. They have a point of attachment that is behind center, making them effectively nose heavy. Some people aren't bothered by it, but if you're not one of those people there is a way to mitigate that issue. Simply mount the coil backward. It will function the same way, but move the weight back closer toward you taking the leverage off the front.

I hope that this helps. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

GL & HH!


New member
I sent Minelab an email asking if they would consider developing a 50kHz coil for the xterra.
We will see.

Old Longhair

Crazy Ol' Foole
Staff member
Old_tex said:
I sent Minelab an email asking if they would consider developing a 50kHz coil for the xterra.
We will see.
I don't believe that you'll ever see that. The firmware in the control unit isn't able to support more than the three frequencies that Xterra's currently operate with.
Beyond that, technology has left most single frequency detectors behind. Recent releases of newer machines suggest that the trend toward multi-freq machines is such that single frequency units will eventually be considered "obsolete", so I doubt that you'll see much in the way of innovation in that area over the coming years.