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Couple outings out with new Simplex

jim tn

Well-known member
Been out the last two mornings with the Simplex for a total of 9 hours of hunting time. Save for one good hit, everything else good was cents and clad, along with 2 wheat cents. Oldest of these was 1936.

First off, this site is a blanket of trash and has seen activity since the Union occupied Memphis, back in Civil War times. Bullets, buttons and coins from that past era up to present have been recovered over the years.

While I ran through all the modes, I hunted mainly in park 1. Ran sen of 6 yesterday and about 50/50 % between sen 6 & 7 this morning. As has been mentioned, there is a slight background clutter noise in 7 sen. No emi issues anywhere throughout the park, though, and did hunt along a power line that runs on one side of the park. In fact, that is where I recovered the one good target, a 8 gram sterling silver ring with a nice glass chip. It locked on 88-90 reading, but had a slight click to it. Upon inspection, the band was broken. It was maybe 4" deep, at most.

This morning, I decided to run with iron volume off. Supposedly, one might get a little more depth with it off. Don't know yet, though.

Over all, I have recovered a total of 31 coins these first two outings. Including the 2 wheats. Have also dug several crushed bottle caps that read and sounded (pretty) good. Most were suspected to be that, though. They have a little bigger feel to them and with careful listening give a slight click when coming off the edges. There were a few other various trash items, too, as with any new detector, we dig more iffy, iffy, targets.

Not a lot of coins, but this place has been pounded for years. Four of us just this year have spent numerous outings on the from time to time it still gives up a silver coin here and there along with old nickels and pretty good numbers of wheat cents. 4 silver rings have also been recovered that I know of. I've recovered 12 silver coins from it myself, including a 63 Franklin and a 40% 70 Kennedy. Detectors used, 3 ctx 3030's, a F 75, an Omega 8000, two A T Pro's, and a Deus and Equinox 800, just by my buddies and I. So, coins in general don't come easy from it. Thus, I am quite pleased with the Simplex's performance.

So far I have only used the S P 24 coil and I am more then impressed with its and detectors separation ability. All I can say is its almost amazing. Have to now see what the larger coil can do.

So far I have dug nothing deep. 5" possibly on 1 of the wheaties. Not inthralled with the head phones thus far, but plan to play with the volume next time out. And, some of the other modes as well. ANYBODY USING DIFFERENT HEAD PHONES THAT THEY LIKE?

So far I really like the Simplex and again, am really impressed with its ability to hunt in trash/iron. (Sorry, didn't mean to make this post a book.) HH jim tn


I like your report & how well you did with the Simplex with the other detectors you mentioned. I've had mine a year with the original coil & did not get the Head Phone [wished I did] I have a Garrett-GTAx-750 model that is about 15 years and don't think I ever found any coins deeper than 4 or 5" on it or my Simplex. I thought the Simplex would get deeper but don't, or is it ME! I wonder if a Head Phone helps to find deeper? I found ~30 coins in this 1930 houses yard but most times are 1970~ Never older but surely there are older LOL I guess I'll get the SP 24 too [some day]



Well-known member
Nice report Jim. I too am finding the simplex pretty sweet . The stock coil goes deep. I've used many different detectors and to be honest the simplex is becoming a favorite. Can't wait for the Nokta Makro simultaneous multifrequency detector.

jim tn

Well-known member
wonder if a Head Phone helps to find deeper?
Tinhorn, for those softer sounding, deeper whispers, head phones are a must. Also, depth doesn't always equate to coins being older. I've dug Memorial cents 7" deep and 1800 era coins 1" deep. Head phones, though, will greatly help.

basstrackerman, first off, often wondered, do you run a bass tracker boat, or do you chase the actual fish, bass? I also noticed we joined the forum the same year. Now, back to business.

I got the Simplex + more or less as a replacement for a Omega 8000, which went to the happy hunting ground, as a result of not being repairable any longer. F T did replace the Omega, but I already owned one of the replacement detectors, so traded it in towards the Simplex + package and a Nox 600. The Omega was just a fun detector. Not deep, but did love coins. The Simplex to me just seemed like it might be a fun detector, too, and all indications are, it will be. Although I finally bit the bullet, as mentioned, and acquired a simultaneous multifrequency detector, I, too, am looking forward to seeing Nokta Makro new offering of such. And from what I am hearing, it won't be to long before we do. HH jim tn

jim tn

Well-known member
bass, used to chase those big mouth, too, until a rep I bought from hired a guide and took me striper fishing on lake Quachita, near Hot Springs, Ak. Have caught them up to 40 + lbs since and from my fist one landed it spoiled almost all other kinds of fishing. My son had the same tracker as you for a good number of years. HH jim tn

jim tn

Well-known member
Coil use update.

Since I got back from my trip, I have been able to get about 15 hours of hunting time in this week with the Simplex + and larger 11" coil. Initially I was using the S P 24 coil for the first few hours of use.

I am pretty impressed with the target separation ability of the larger coil. About 2/3rds of my hunting time was spent searching a now seldom used baseball field within a old park. Save for one 62 Rosie dime and a Scout kerchief slide, nothing else besides modern coins and some trash items were recovered from the field......and nothing was all that deep. For the most part I used Park 1 and some Field mode, but as a old coin hunter, prefer the Park modes for their three tones. Park 1 seems to be my go to mode most often as I am a pretty slow and methodical hunter. Ran sen. of 6 most of the time. 7 was too chatty/noisey.

Yesterday morning I purposely hunted around the parks basketball court with the larger coil on. AS you guys know that hunt such areas, they are a blanket of bottle caps, tabs of all sizes and shapes and foil. I used Park 2 mode here quite a bit, but Park 1 worked well, too. In short, the larger coil will perform very well in such a trashy environment. I only recovered 16 coins in total and 1 small junk ring, but my three hunting buddies and I had hunted the area some about three weeks earlier with other detectors and smaller coils, finding a fair number of coins and 2 silver rings. Certainly, such a spot is better suited for a smaller coil usage, but the larger coil none the less will hunt such spots pretty darn good.

Seems to be quite a bit of "bang for the buck" with this Simplex + thing! HH jim tn


Well-known member
Being new to the simplex+ I appreciate your comments on your experience so far. My time on it is too short to add anything meaningful. I have not used the 11” coil at all -just the SP 24.

jim tn

Well-known member
Had the big coil on yesterday and my buddy and I had worked our way out from the trashy fringes to the outfield of a old baseball field when I got a faint whisper on the Simplex and it sounded good in all directions. At the time volume was on 3 bars, in Park 1 mode, iron volume off and 6 bars of Sen. I did go down to 5 a couple of times as there was a fairly nearby power line.

Anyway, the target turned out to be a 1916 wheat cent from a true 8" deep. It was still down in the hole in compact dirt when I located it with the pin pointer which was even with about 1" high grass. I had dug a couple of deep, bigger crushed beer bottle caps, but not a deeper coins sized target. My buddy had been checking out the target with his Deus, which hit it, and we were talking when I started to dig the target and I forgot to see what the cent sounded like with volume of 4 bars. There is a noticeable tone increase, though, as I've checked a few other targets.

Anyway, pleased to know this little gem also gets nice old coin hunting depth. HH jim tn