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New member
Been thinkin about grabing one before they are all gone,,if I can find one,lol.
Umm, been using a ETrac for 3 years now, I mainly use it in the parks,school yards and sometimes old home sites.
Also have been using a F75se for about a year now,, I like to take it out into the fields where old plantation homes once stood.
Ive seen several of you guys still have an ETrac and was curious how they compare, well, what got me worried is all that I read on keeping the 3D out of the trash. Some of the parks I hunt have modern trash with old iron still in the ground,but the iron is spotty, like where a building of some type of structure once stood.
You guys really make me want a 3D, but Im sure you know how it is when ya start wanting a new machine.
I use the 8 inch coil a great deal of time on the ETrac, I dont believe Ive ever dug a target deeper than around 6 inches with it, but, I have found more silver with the ETrac than anyother machine Ive used.
Its getting to be the time of year I like to hunt. I live in the deep south where summers are hot with tons of humidity. lol

Steve O

Well-known member
I have a 1021 cz and it's the first unit I'll use in low trash areas, like farm fields (for old coins). I have an f-75 also, I will use it first in high trash and iron areas. I use an Explorer se for medium to low trash and high emi areas because of it's noise cancel. The f-75 and the Explorer are about the same depth, the cz is a little deeper.
Of course, use the coil to match the area.....smaller coil for scalpel work.
My next unit will have to be killer in high iron.....where the goodies are hiding....still waiting.


I've owned 2 E-Tracs and a CTX3030. I had to drop them due to a serious shoulder problem. I now own a CZ70 Pro and a TD-calibrated CZ3D. Both machines are as deep or deeper in my soil than the E-Trac/CTX. My biggest gripe is that they can false on iron. Most of the time you can hear the grunt with the high tone, but sometimes you just have to dig. I had the same problem with the Minelabs, but it wasn't quite as bad as with the CZ's. I don't consider the Minelabs to be great in iron and neither are the CZ's. High trash situations never bothered me with the 8-inch coil on the CZ's unless super trashy.


Talking about CZ-3D depth capabilities, I own an old Victorian house and have used all of my newer detectors (Explorer SE, V3i, E-Trac, CTX 3030) in the yard to the point where there are no good signals left. Sometime ago, I hadn't used my CZ-3D (1021 serial number) for quite a while so I decided to take it out into the yard just to play around with it for a while. I hadn't been in the yard for more than five minutes when I surprisingly got a signal that sounded deep but as clear as a bell in all directions. I was suspicious, as I know that the CZ-3D loves deep/large pieces of iron, so I suspected that this might be the case in this instance, since I had covered this area of the yard on numerous occasions with my other detectors without getting any good signals. I decided to fetch my E-Trac and CTX 3030 to see if I could get a signal with them. Sure enough nothing, not even a whimper, even in all metal mode. Even though I suspected that it was probably deep iron I decided to dig it anyway just to see. To my surprise at around 15" (almost gave up on it) I retrieved part of an old wooden keg, copper faucet spout, unbelievable.
Altamaha, that KEG Spicket might be COLONIAL Keg Spicket, or from the 1800's at least!! DAMM NICE Find either way!! Les Robinson.