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:detecting: Went back to my old stomping grounds today


Active member
I got up this morning and decided to head back to Indiana so I could visit a little with my family. Well... My family didn't think I was getting there till later that evening.. That's because I had BIG plans on heading back to some of my all time favorite old beat up parks for some serious digging :thumbup: I never expect to leave with too much when I visit these places because of the amount of activity I had spent there, as well as everyone else and there brother! I new there were still old coins hiding down DEEP! Believe it or not.. I was right :)
The first spot I hit is a very interesting place.. It sits down in a very low area, the coins there do nothing but sink. You really got to go slow and trust your ears in this place. Right away on my first hole I hit silver. I believe it to be a 1920 Merc.. She is pretty worn.. I fumbled around for a few hours longer chasing all kinds of iffy hits. Was able to snag a few wheats from there as well.. Unfortunately with the ground being soaking wet at all times.. 99% of the wheats and Indians you find there are toasted :rant:
I heading back into Richmond to visit my favorite park in the world! People claim this place is hunted out, and on some days I would like to agree.. But for good reason I always find myself going back. I went to an area that has always produced some keepers. As soon as I got out of the car I hit a 9 inch wheat... Covered the hole took two steps and hit another :thumbup: so far this was looking pretty good.. I headed on out swinging very slow and listening.. I came across a very interesting hit. Almost sounded like an Indian, but a little odd.. I knew it was deep tho.. So I dug down.. dug some more, and when I checked with the probe it SCREAMED.. I located exactly where the target was and took one last scoop of dirt out.. When I did a little silver coin showed its self. I was shocked to see it was a 1898 Barber Dime :beers: I rechecked the hole and discovered what was giving the odd signal.. There was a large flattened piece of lead hiding down with the dime giving a low grunt signal.. Sounded just below what a nickel would.. I guess that mixed with the silver dime was what gave the medium Indian sounding signal. I fumbled around that spot a little more before I had to go visit with the family.. I was able to snag a 1900 Indian plus a neat little ring with a Deer in the center.. The ring said Junior Fire Marshal across the top.. I looked it up on line.. I guess it's from the 1950's..

Well guys I am wore out!!!!! Time for me to call it a night! I appreciate everyones comments and I wish you all the best of luck!!!1


Nice finds - those rings were given out during fire prevention week in the fall in my elementary school. Yes they are from the 1950s. The Hartford Insurance Co. sponsored it each year and there was always some kind of giveaway item.


Active member
Now how did i miss those Darrell..... you must not of taken me there lol. Excellent finds.... as usual.



New member
Fantastic finds. From the look of the coins the ground is terrible.