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Deus 2 Ground Balance Question


Well-known member
Findmall Sponsor
I am probably overlooking something but here is the situation. I have a customer who has a D2 and the G .ID constantly says 87. When he uses the Grab Mode to ground balance, the number is in the mid-70s but the G.ID remains at 87. I haven't had any hands-on, so I don't know.. Should the G.ID go to the 70's like the ground balance or am I looking at this all wrong ?
HH Richard


Well-known member
Richard…Ground ID is automatically and constantly monitored as a reference. The Ground Set is the number reached after the soil has been attenuated by the Ground Grab. The range is 60-90 so as far as your customers machine is concerned, it seems fine. The two numbers will rarely, if ever, match. Tell him to keep an eye on the Ground ID if he is covering a lot of ground. If It changes by 5 or 10 points he will want to do another Ground Grab.


Well-known member
Hey Richard…In case it is of any use at this point, I want to correct myself, I didn’t completely understand the machine at time of last print.
To update the GROUND ID, the coil has to be pumped up and down several times while NOT pushing any buttons. This will update the GROUND ID. Then, doing a GROUND GRAB (pushing red button and pumping coil up and down several times) will then bring the GROUND BALANCE number into sync with the GROUND ID number. So, they can match and often will. My mistake, I hope it didn’t cause your guy any grief!

Wild Willy

Well-known member
I did a few tests on field targets using different programs and playing around with G.B. Not much ever seemed to change so I stopped with the G.B. I've convinced myself it's all "automatic". Yeah, I know I'm probably wrong but in this mild soil around here it's one less thing to be concerned about. I really like this machine but I do admit it's smarter than me.


Active member
I notice it quiets the machine down, reduces false chirps and skeeters. I use General mostly, gb too low and i start getting lots of skeeter 99s. I believe it does help depth a bit too. I gb around 82-84 in most places here.


Active member, mine made a move I've never seen before. It always drops from 87 down to the low 80s, but for some reason, today it went down into the 60s! A friend of mine, who knows a lot about XP, says we shouldn't even worry about ground balance unless we're falsing.


Well-known member
If you simply pump the coil you will see the Ground ID settle into what that certain piece of ground reads. All of this is in the manual. The Ground ID is a reference to the user, a Ground Balance process actually calibrates the machine.


Well-known member
To get the Ground ID reference, pump the coil WITHOUT pressing any buttons!