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Excalibur 2 False Signals

Deep Digger said:
I understand EXACTLY what you are describing with your Excal.
It happens with mine EVERY time I use it, and I have become accustomed to the falsing
with my excal 2. It even happens when I am in the transition between wet sand and dry sand.
It is constant and omni present.
I used to hate it, now I'm not even phased by it and think something is a miss when I do not hear falsing.
I do NOT think it reduces my good finds. My dad has an excal that runs SMOOTH all the time, even at sensitivity
above 7. I CANNOT run above 6 EVER. The real poop is that I find more than dad on a regular basis and I think it
has to do with my un stable detector. I always have to slow down and re-check falses.. it sometimes pays off with a
deep signal that otherwise would have probably not have been noticed.
If you cannot stand it, sell it.
Mine was made in Ireland and I have used it quite a bit in the past 3 years with flasing every step of the way.
Maybe a new one won't false as much, but your finds might not increase one iota.

Deep Digger

Hi Digger,

Very interesting and thanks for all the details on your Excal 2 falsing. My Excal 2 was also made in Ireland. I am starting to wonder if there can be quite a bit of variability on the baseline stability and/or sensitivity of an Excal 2. In my case it seems that falsing is limited to salt water beaches when there there is typical wave action. And I am not talking monster waves either as I am on the gulf coast of Florida - just a consistent rise and fall of the water level. I don't notice this in the transition from dry to wet sand or wet sand to water - rather just in the water. And typically it seems more prevalent as I get deeper. On a more protected stretch of beach, for example Tampa Bay, I can usually run at 6 and be stable as can be. But then drive 15 miles to a more exposed beach and I start noticing the false signal phenomena.

I was at a beach yesterday and if I tried to run at 6 (12:00) it was falsing to the point I did not think I could use it at that setting. I tried using sensitivity between 6 (12:00) and the absolute minimum setting. Even at the minimum sensitivity I was getting occasional but consistent false signals / threshold changes. I then briefly switched over to an Excal 2 owned by a friend of mine, moved the sensitivity to 6 (12:00), and it was super smooth (no false signals). His unit was purchased within the past year so it would most likely have been from Malaysia.



Well-known member
Just the opposite with me Tony. My quiet machine was made in Ireland. My new machine made in Malaysia is the noisy unstable machine and it falses like yours.


New member
Mine only falses in the wash/white water, once fully submerged it quietens down I also find following the wave action in and out lessons the water friction and also the reduces the falsing . Maybe cable shielding might help?

TH'ers Gazette

New member
The Excalibur is such a great detector, there are non better, so why worry about the occasionally chirp?
My last treasure hunting adventure to West Indies, 7 of us with Excalibur's found lots of gold. Had we sold it for scrap prices, we would have gotten over $28,500 for our 18k gold.