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F19 best disc and V-break settings

Mr. Beard

For a trashy park that began in 1938 that has lots of the old type beer bottle caps, old beaver tail pulltabs and assorted junk from an old park, what would be good beginning settings for the V-break and disc setting on a new F19 owner?
On my first outing I had set the V-break at 55 and the disc at 0 since I didn't know how to set it. I since re-read the manual and read some posts on Finds and the other large forum and watched some vids on the F19. I now know a little bit more on how to set it up but want some extra input for settings from F19 users. Any suggestions??


Trashy park no v-break disc at 75 or 76 notch width at 4 and set the notch at 55 to notch in nickels

Mr. Beard

Thank you. I tried the settings at a totlot this morning and was surprised at the nickels I found.


  • Nov 22 2020.JPG
    Nov 22 2020.JPG
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Active member
I dig it all in tots. Found a gold ring last week, rang up a solid 53. Have found kid rings and bling that rang up in iron range.


Well-known member
I just set the volume at 10 to knock out iron and dig pretty much everything past small foil (50 and higher). You might lose some small gold but in trashy areas if you start digging all signals in the 40 range, you will be on your knees digging bits of can slaw and foil wrappers forever with the 19 kHz machines since they are so sensitive to small low conductors. If you want to cherry pick high conductive targets only (silver and copper), you can set v-break at something like 69.


There's a video on utube that tells you how to set it up with the v-break and it works really great. I just can't remember off the top of my head how to do it but there's a sequence to go thru. You end up with nickels a low tone and everything else normal. I really liked it when I was using my f-19. Good luck! I'll look for it and post a link if I find it.


Mowerdog on utube Fisher f-19 advanced coin settings. He explains the f19 very well. Good luck!