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f75 se upgrade or not


New member
Evening; we have a couple of f75 a ltd and a se not sure if there is any difference but in the name?? Anyway the f75 se is on the fritz and they say at the factory that 159 they will upgrade and 300 something and they will do more to it, im curious what that difference is. So since it is over ten years old i think ; repair it or just bite the bullet and buy a new one?? how is the ones they redone working out and how are they holding up second time around?
I also have a i think funny thing. ask them how long to get it done and was told about 5 days after it gets out of quarantine; They actually quarantine the metal detector for a couple days. lol. I think the country has gone mad!
Thanks Grumpy


Well-known member
I have had several F75's both new and used. I have sent at least 2 back for upgrade and all have come back looking and working good. Just my opinion you will get your moneys worth.

I don't know what your experience is with the F75 but you may want to do a factory reset on that machine that is acting up and see if helps. How to do the reset.
With the machine off.
Press-and hold the red Menu button and push-forward and hold the Toggle Switch.
Turn the detector on, while you are still holding the controls.
After boot up release the controls.

Good luck,

Ron in WV


New member
thanks ya we have been running them several years and tried all the tricks; reboot is not booting; it is gone squirley now. had some back for repair befor just never had the boosting thing done to any before. will have to try it . thanks grumpy.


Well-known member
Good question on the Ltd vs SE designation.... on start up with serial number etc mine has the LE encoded yet on the arm cuff it says special edition. I think I read somewhere the SE was an all black colored setup and since I’ve not seen another F75 around here I cant answer that question either.


New member
yes i looked at the machines closer; one is se and is black one is ltd and is camo and they are identical as far as i can tell , except mine is not working. lol.

jim tn

Well-known member
I think you will like the boost mode and DST. DST is nice if you run into bad emi. I have found you will loose a little depth with DST on, but when not needed it can be turned off, which is how I run mine most of the time. With the BP mode you also get a slight boost in depth and is really nice for hunting over several inches high grass. I think the boost mode might have been the difference of my recovering a 10k gold ring yesterday morning. In boost, it had a lot of bouncing numbers, but quite a few in the nickel range in 3h tones. In de mode it was all over the place with fewer nickel numbers. It was all of 6" deep, however. I went for it, as I had dug a fairly deep Buffalo nickel earlier in the hunt. HH jim tn