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Fastest response for Simplex


New member
Interested in getting a Simplex. Could anyone tell me which modes have the fastest response time. I would be interested in seeing which modes are the fastest in order of the 4 modes. Thanks, Mark


Active member
Park mode has a lightning recovery rate, I use it alot to pull squeakers from old homesites.


New member
Thanks for the feedback. So do you think the other 3 modes are about the same speed, with the Park mode being the fastest ?


Park is fastest.
Field and Beach seem similar, except Field has VCO audio and is more chatty. You can tell they mellowed out Beach to deal with mineralization in black sand.
All Metal is just that. Not as some think, that it means no disc, rather a true threshold based all metal mode.


Well-known member
Thanks for the feedback. So do you think the other 3 modes are about the same speed, with the Park mode being the fastest ?
Mark. as mentioned earlier, 'Park' is a 3-Tone mode and has the fastest response and recovery speed. I use it, naturally, in the trashier places, but it will be used more and work better when we get smaller-size search coils. In 'Park' mode I use '0' Disc. and accept all of the Disc. segments because I like to hear both Iron and Non-Iron targets. If i get into a very Ferrous-contaminated site, I then reject the 1st Disc. segment to let me deal with some of the Iron debris and I have my Iron Audio Volume level set at '1' to keep the Iron Volume Low. If ther5e are way too many Iron Nails and other annoying Ferrous debris, I then reject no more than the first 3 Disc. segments which cover the Iron range.

I do the bulk of my detecting in older places, such as ghost towns, homesteads, old encampments sites, etc., and once again, I like to "hear-it-all" so I keep my Disc. at '0' to accept ALL Disc. segments n the other two Discriminate modes, 'Field' and 'Beach.' Of those two modes, I prefer to use the 'Beach' mode until Iron Debris gets too annoying because the Simplex+ design didn't allow Operator Control to Accept and Reject the first three Iron-range Disc. segments, and no Iron Audio Volume adjustment in the Beach' mode. Those are the two main adjustment features I wish they could update and add in a Simplex+ Revision.

My 'Filed' mode is also set like the other two Disc. modes, to Accept ALL of the Disc. notches, but I do have thre Iron Audio Volume at '1' to mellow the loudness of encountered Iron, and when Iron nails and some other lower-conductive Iron debris is encountered, I do increase the Disc. to Reject no more than the 1st and possibly the 2nd segment.

Other than the Iron Audio and Discrimination adjustments for the first 3 segments, the main difference between 'Field' and 'Beach' modes is that 'Field' mode incorporates a VCO-Audio and the 'Beach' mode does not have a VCO Audio. Both modes I frequently compare on located targets before recovery, and I have found them both to hit on deeper targets than I can get in the 3-Tone 'Park' mode, and 'Field' and 'Beach' are just about equal in detection depth. I just prefer the Non-VCO audio of 'Beach' mode, especially on located targets at depths over 6" deep. The military has called me deaf since 1982 when tested for a veteran temp. job, and being hearing impaired I just happen to like the audio tone and response of the 'Beach' mode when conditions are not very trashy or with a lot of ferrous junk to encounter.