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First Find Made With New Exp.

I give up...WHAT IS IT???


Sorry Mike, I was so excited by the find I called my hunting buddy to tell him about it and did not finish the post. I must have hit the post command by mistake. Anyway, heres the story: I got the explorer about a week ago and put it together Sat. morning. Took it out in the frount yard and scattered my usual assortment of silver, clads, jewlry, bullets, and etc. to get a feel for the tones. Living in Va. beach (I'm in Elizabeth city) you know the heat index was well over 100 yesterday and I did not stay out long. I picked up my test coins and headed for the AC but was still swnging the coil on my way inside. I got a signal I simply could not ignore, it was a lower tone but real solid. Anyway, went to the garage,got my trowel and dug it. At 8-9 inches I recovered a 1911 V nickle, the first V I have found and I have been detecting for 20 years. The amazing thing to me is I have run 5 or 6 top line detectors over this area. I have a feeling the exp. and I are going to have a long relationship .Will try to post a picture later, but would like to add a few finds before I do. John
That's great John. I had a similar experience when I got my Explorer II a few months back. I was testing it out after work at a field near my office in Suffolk. I had been to this field numerous times with 5 other machines over the years and had dug bullets, buttons, coins, (my first V-nickel, in fact, 1912 I think) and other stuff. It was pretty well beat and a real test for the Explorer II. The very first time I went there with it I pulled a no-date Large Cent from an area I'd been over many times with other machines. I got a few things more there too, though not much. But how I missed that LC with 5 other machines...I was impressed.

I'm looking forward to hitting a lot more spots with it in the fall. Right now I'm in "beach mode", hunting with my Excalibur, and mostly posting at the Beach and Water forum here on Findmall. Once the tourists and the ticks are gone it will be time to hit the fields and woods again. Maybe we can get together sometime.


in September. By then the traffic and tourists should thin out and the yellow flies should be gone. Most of the beaches down here are only hit by "vacation hunters" and they leave a lot of stuff to find. Although most of my hunting is done in older inland sites, I do try to hit the beach a couple of times a year. My hunting partner just bought a quattro and it would be a treat for us to hunt with someone already familiar with the minelabs. Lets hope this 100+ degree heat index ends soon so we can get out give these new detectors a workout. John