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G2 in salt water


New member
I know that G2 is not made for detecting in salt water but...
today I tried to detect salt lake...
I got near got 35 on ground balance, tried detecting but every time I moved coil close
to water it sounded as a signal, then I tried ground balance of water part got 1 or 2...
nothing better sounding every time I change enviroment with coil.
Tried two bindings for coil cable ... same.

Then I walked into 15 cm of water and shot this video

Did GG and I got 4. It was over no metal ... but G2 showed on speedometer that there is...
You can listen in full volume - I had headphones on - can't use G2 without them... it is loud.

Please look and coment.

Dave J.

New member
As you say, the G2 is not designed for salt water work.

The G2 (and many of our other single-frequency metal detectors) can balance out the pebbles, or the salt water, but not both at the same time. Multiple frequency machines can play that game, that's why people buy 'em for salt water work.

On clean white sand beaches with no iron mineralization (for example many tropical beaches are coral sand), single-frequency machines with ground balance all the way to salt often deliver a respectable performance in the wet stuff.


New member
Thank you Dave!

So my PI (surf pi pro - homemade (based on white's surfmaster))
will outperform G2 and most other VLF detectors in these conditions.

I dig every signal so discrimination is not a problem ... for this case

On dry pebbles or partly dry G2 can find gold better (deeper - and smaller)


New member
yep if the PI is made for the salt or has a pulse control its going to kick a single freq machines but all day every day by a long way in the salt :biggrin:

I run my GBP on the beach here in Ca. It works ok in dry, damp, and sometimes wet. But not in soaked or under water. I noticed your sensitiv
I run my GBP on the beach here in Ca. It works ok in dry, damp, and sometimes wet. But not in soaked or under water. I noticed your sensitivity was way up. I run mine in all metal and then crank down the sensitivity until it will run relatively smooth. Then I dig everything. Not as good as the Sovereign or Infinium I had but it works for the few times a year I see a beach.


New member
I have no problem with wet and dry beach / lake bed.
Sensitivity can be @ 100 ... only if I have problem with EMI than it is about 80


Active member
Salt and mineralization usually drive GB and SENS down to reach usable stability. A user who knows how to read and adjust their levels is the only way to find best working settings. I believe there are exceptions to virtually every rule.


New member
I have a GBP and it don't work in wet sand, or when i put the coil into the salt water, someone can help me with the settings?

Minas man

New member
I have lots of experience in salt beaches and water and had the stock Greek coil leak and then false to the point that it was unusable till I dried it out and resealed the coil.. Truck bed liner spray and It took months to dry it out. Ended up buying a 5 inch coil and a NEL Hunter which are both good in salt water and salt beaches.
You can ground balance to a negative # and keep the gain down. 5 inch coil is very good in tough conditions.
I bought the Gold Bug Pro because it can ground balance in salt.
Greek coils are known for leaking so now that I have other coils for water the Greek is not used under water.

Minas man


Minas...I had the same thing happen to me at Daytona Beach. Worked fine after it dried out. Haven't put it in water since then. Did the bed liner work to reseal it?


Well-known member
Just to add to the conversation-- my GBP works great as a freshwater beach detector: wet sand, dry sand, or in the water-- just don't get the control box wet! Never had a chance to use it on the ocean.